🦌 How To Setup: Campark T85 Trail Camera Settings Walkthrough/Guide🐗

🍀 #AD Campark T85 WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera 20MP —- (campark.com)
🍀 #AD Campark T85 WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera 20MP —- (eBay.com)

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💥 Campark T85 WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera 20MP ———- (eBay.com)💥

In this video, I walk you through each setting in the Campark T85 trail camera and explain what each setting does and how to modify it. I also, tell you which modes and settings I prefer.

The Campark T85 shoots a stellar 20MP in 1296P. This Campark Trail Cam is a very good piece of equipment and I recommend that you look into it for deer season this year if you’re looking for a good trail cam.

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Manufacturer’s Description:

Campark WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera 20MP 1296P Game Hunting Camera with 940nm IR LEDs Night Vision Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof for Wildlife Monitoring

About this item
【WiFi and APP Control】T85 trail camera built-in WIFI and APP control function. Download the APP(Hunting Camera Pro) on your mobile phone and then connect with WIFI. You can adjust the setting to view or download the photo & video on the phone directly. This trail camera is not a webcam, APP control has range limits.

【Bluetooth Upgrade】Compare with the Campark T80 trail camera, it upgrades in Bluetooth, Connect Bluetooth to control the camera WiFi turn on/off, don’t need a remote control. Make it easier for hunters to view/download videos/pictures on the camera.

【940nm IR LEDs Night Vision】With fully automatic IR filter, this hunting camera capture shots of animals’ natural behaviors by using infrared flash illumination technology equipped with 36pcs LEDs. Trigger distance up to 20m. ( Please Note: Bluetooth Function is NOT compatible with iOS14 )

Convenient WiFi + APP Control
This trail camera built-in WIFI and APP control function. Download the APP in your mobile phone and then connect with WIFI. You can adjust setting; View/download the photo/video on the phone directly.

Bluetooth Upgrade
Connect Bluetooth to control the camera WiFi turn on/off, don’t need a remote control. Make it easier for hunters to view/download videos/pictures in the camera.

20MP Ultra-high Resolution Photo
Featuring 20MP picture resolution, T85 trail camera help you capture vivid characteristics of wildlife and show the most primitive pictures

Chapter Jump Times

00:00 Intro
00:25 Button Layout
00:42 Mode Selection
00:57 PIR Interval
02:19 PIR Sensitivity
03:09 Timelapse
03:53 IR LED
04:21 Monitoring Period
05:16 Image Quality
05:29 Picture No (Number of pictures to take)
05:41 Shutter Speed
06:13 Video Resolution
06:33 Language
07:05 Default (Settings Reset)
07:10 Format
07:23 Date/Time
07:27 Time Format
07:31 Date Stamp
07:41 Beep Sound
07:45 Camera Name
07:55 Password Setting
08:41 Bluetooth
08:46 WIFI SSD
08:55 WIFI Password
09:00 Auto WIFI Off
09:17 Auto Power Off
09:28 Backlight
09:30 Version
09:31 Mcu FW Update
09:45 Ending


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  • I have changed the setting on the camera but every time I turn it from setup to on the camera starts it's countdown and shuts off. What am I doing wrong?

  • thanks really helped set up the camera.

  • Have set my camera as shown but it only takes photo will not video regardless of beginning on photo and video I have tried everything really really dissappointed have tried everything

  • I have watched video on set up very good but when I switch on numbers come up on the screen
    54321 then it switches off my timer is set for 23hr until 6am it just goes completely black after one no light on at all and does not record.Also says cannot use rechargeable batteries in the T85 camera why.

  • Mine is a T100 but much the same and it's stopped recording video. In the top left of the screen is a camera icon and I can change it to a video icon but it keeps reverting to a camera icon. Does anyone know why? I think this .at be why my video is not working but as soon as I turn the camera off or turn it to recording mode it switches back to photo 😬😬

  • Only to be helpful, Deutsch means German, not Dutch

  • Nice video but you really need to slow down. It's really difficult to keep up. It means replaying the video dozens of ti.es to make sense of it.

  • Hey great video, I have a campark t85 and every now and then it records but it’s too dark to make out what it’s recording the whole video is just black like last night the first video was crystal clear but the rest of the videos were too dark to make out, would appreciate some advice on why this happens. Thanks in advance

  • My settings keep getting deleted anyway i can stop that

  • thank you so much! I am not familiar with cameras like this. I wanted to just get the wildlife crossing my property at night and was having trouble on how to set up. I got great pics during the day but at night my video was too dark. Changed the settings to match yours and hopefully that will work. I much appreciate the time you took!!

  • I'm still trying to figure out the time lapse. I'm have a house built and I would really like to time lapse.
    Thanks for the other info.

  • It works the same as the time lag but I have this turned on.

  • The H85 automatically takes shots until it charges the sd card. I changed the batteries, a new sd card and nothing helps. please help

  • Camera doesn't seem to be taking pictures/videos when I switch it to on. Am I doing something wrong?

  • M L

    No Picture at night,even when we go outside and wave at it. Black out very dark.

  • Thank You super helpful.

  • Mine says I have a memory error 🙁

  • Best how to I've seen yet on camp Park. I have a t80. The one thing I've had trouble with is connecting and using the Wi-Fi so I can download photos and video. It seems I go through the sequences over and over again and all of a sudden it works.
    After turning on the Bluetooth and setting up the Wi-Fi at the top of the screen it says to turn off 4G. I don't have a clue how to turn off 4G.
    The one thing I like about your video is you go through each step slowly and with excellent descriptions.
    I'll check and see if you have a video specifically detailed towards turning on and using the Wi-Fi.

  • Hi there great video on how to set up at the moment I have mine set on photos and videos but only does videos during the day not night times any idea's where I'm going wrong thanks nigel

  • Skipped right over the date and time configurations available and how to set those preferences or AM and Pm.

  • Thank you Jungle for the clear explanation of settings. I would appreciate help with the later stages. Campark customer support is shit – I have been working with email support for two weeks without success, and no one ever answers the phone support number on the web site.
    I have gotten to the point where wifi is connected and the camera does take videos. I can see these videos on the camera screen using Replay. But the photos do not show up in the app on my phone when I connect with wifi. Only the test photo I took shows up on the app. So I cannot download or manage the photos. Can you help? BTW I have the T80 not T85 but most everything looks similar.

  • This is an excellent video on settings and has fully explained how the product works and how to set up. The hand book is "challenging" but this video has allowed me set up with ease. Great Job

  • My t86 not connecting to wifi. Keeps telling me to press the plus sign, go back to my phone wifi, go back to app and press plus again. What am I doing wrong

  • I haven't been getting pictures so I reset the camera to your settings. There are lots of deer in my area so I should be getting something. I'm not even getting pictures of me approaching the camera. Hopefully I will now.Thanks

  • Thanks for the reply about the pigs roaming around, I'm wondering it says the t86 uses no glow for night video, does that mean a human won't see any light emitted if there being video'd at night?
    Thanks great stuff!

  • Hi, I've noticed that the date stamp for the date/time/temp etc, turns red on some of my images, do you know why it does this?

  • My t85 always has a memory error and I have already formatted the as card in the settings. can you help me?

  • Very helpful info, the user manual doesn't explain it enough in detail but you knocked the nail on the head with the video 👍

  • My SD card keeps saying card protected…is it because of the lock on the side of the card or somthing else????

  • Has anyone tried this with the app. Can’t get app to connect to camera

  • So, is it wise to have a sd card, or does the camera, like a cell phone, hold pictures etc?

  • We don't care what you prefer for the Interval, we want to know the range! 00:57 PIR Interval "I haven't tried Economy or Auto?? 03:53 IR LED Isn't that the JOB of a reviewer? "SD Cards are cheap!?" 05:29 Picture No (Number of pictures to take) But they are finite (can only hold X Bytes) and each image consumes battery power. Same foes for Video Resolution. The higher the resolution the more Bytes of data and battery life consumed.

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