#1 Backpacking, Trout Fishing, Camping & Cooking / Ultralight Gear / Hiking.

#1 Backpacking, Trout Fishing, Camping & Cooking / Ultralight Gear / Hiking.

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I loved my first trip up this mountain so much that I came right back with a friend! I talked to Perry Peacock from Wilderness Innovation into an adventure to Lost Lake. This epic trip would include a challenging off Road Drive to the trail head. I tried to keep my pack as ultralight as possible, but still took some luxury items such as my GSI pivot spatula and bugaboo frying pan so that I could Cook trout as our main food source. Luckily we did have pretty good luck fishing and caught one brook trout for dinner and another for breakfast which I cooked on the Gen2 Folding Firebox Nano Ultralight Backpacking Stove. I used a Trangia alcohol Burner as my heat source to cook dinner. Then in the morning I burned wood in the Swedish fire torch pre-fueling set up to once again cook for the two of us. We caught a few more Brook trout, which we released since we would start hiking back to the 4X4 soon.

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