10 Amazing Hiking Trails throughout the Island of Oahu, Hawaii [a complete hiking guide]

Aloha! I’m back with a top ten list, in no particular order, of the best hikes on Oahu that will leave you feeling on top of the world! Yes! 10 amazing hiking trails that are spread throughout the island of Oahu, Hawaii. . We start on the Eastside (Windward Side) and work to the end of the Westside (Leeward Side).

Every single hike on this list was a trail that I experienced, and these are some of my favorites. I wanted to go over the highlights of each one. Including the difficulty of the rules in the area and the most photogenic taking spots for each hike. Bragging about your photos is kind of a big deal.

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Hiking tips:

1) All places are free, keep in mind that if you park illegally, you may receive a parking ticket

2) Please be mindful of the residents in the area by limiting your noise-level

3) Never leave your trash behind

4) Don’t go when it rains, it’s not safe during wet times. You can always revisit it another day

– Water
– Snacks
– Sun cream
– Backpack
– A good attitude 😊

Here are the 10 hiking trails:

1) Crouching Lion: Amazing views of Kahana Bay, and you’ll see the formation of the Crouching Lion

2) Hamama Falls Trail: My favorite waterfall, and you’ll find a large, hidden waterfall in the back of Waihe’e Valley

3) Maunawili Falls Trail: Explore the jungle feel and the waterfall

4) Lulumahu Falls Trail: Scenic landscape of the Ko’olau Mountains and a beautiful waterfall

5) Koko Head Crater Trail: A whole lot of stairs with an ocean view of Makapuu and Hawaii Kai

6) Hanauma Bay Ridge Trail: Right above Oahu’s snorkeling attraction with views of Hanauma Bay

7) Kuliouou Ridge Trail: Forrest feels with incline and epic views of Ku’liouou Valley. The stunning view at the top makes it all worth it

8) Aiea Loop Trail: A friendly hike with views of the H3 Freeway, and we met a few pigs too!:)

9) Pink Pillbox/Ma’ili Pillbox: Fun family hike (Dog friendly too) with beautiful ocean views on the Westside

10) I was asked by a group called ” Protectors of Paradise” (that was backed by a U.S Military organization) to not include this trail. So I trimmed it out. Due to the high volume of requests, I have received and the notifications of Please do not hike here and just admire the area around you. I’ve been here many times growing up and I didn’t know it was a sacred area. It’s a beautiful area and it can be admired from afar. Aloha!:)

I hope that you find this video informative and the same time, entertaining! I appreciate all the support. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video! Aloha and have a great day!:)

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