10 tips for No sunscreen hiking in desert Southwest

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After living and hiking in Southern Arizona for over a dozen years, I’ve learned the hard way how to avoid getting a sunburn even though I NEVER use sunscreen. It’s all about covering up. Note: I mention several products in this video; I received no compensation from any manufacturers, I purchased all my own stuff.
0:00 Intro
01:37 No short pants
02:44 Always wear a sun hat
03:38 Wear hiking gloves
05:23 Long sleeve shirts
06:27 Sandals with socks only
07:01 Use a neck gaiter
07:30 Sunglasses always
07:53 Use a high SPF lip balm, especially in winter or high altitudes
08:32 Consider a sun umbrella
09:07 Lightweight gaiters, especially with low socks
09:32 Outro

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