10 tips for safely HIKING SOLO | Things you need to know before your first solo hike

I have a lot of subscribers who have expressed their interest in solo hiking but just don’t have the confidence and aren’t sure how to get started and do it safely. If that is you, I hope this video helps! If not, maybe you already hike by yourself, I still think you will find this video valuable as there are always things we can improve on.

Hiking is such a great activity and so good for the mind, body and soul. I usually find that hiking solo allows me to get things off my mind, think and reassess things in my life, it makes me extremely creative and liberated. Of course as with most things, hiking with others is generally more fun but I would encourage you all to try both.

The tips are a general guide only based off my personal experience and you should only do what you feel comfortable with.

Filmed October, 2021.


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