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I’m so appreciative to all of you who have joined our channel in such a short period of time. I wanted to give a bit more of my life behind the bike to help all of you get to know me better.

I hope this will make our new community even tighter. Or… I could just be babbling about stuff noone cares about.

You decide.

Either way, thanks again for tuning in and being a part of this thing.

Instagram @TheOutsiderMTB:

Bike: YT Jeffsy CF Pro 2018
Camera: GoPro Hero 4 x EVO SS Gimbal

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  • very touching. nice getting to know you! ha hopefully one of these days i make it to a group ride! and get to know more of the outsiders. cheers!

  • Subscribed later this year after finding your SLO videos. What a cool video and story to stumble on. Pretty special you get a chance to share it. Would be fun to catch a ride with you in 2021. Cheers!

  • I had the same exact experience when realizing I was a little too old to skate 13 stair handrails LOL and finally found a MTB. Awesome man!

  • So good. 

    I know the feeling of handrails on the body. the catch-up and shut-down pain is a real thing. Thanks for the candid look into your life. Pretty rad ride so far, amigo.

  • tony, NICE! go on and let us see more of the best place for mtb. cheers toni

  • That was good! You're a cool cat Tony!

  • So awesome to find someone that's into mountain biking with a skateboarding background. I recently got into riding (1 month ago) and I am hooked! I'm getting older and can't afford to be off work due to a sprained ankle or what not, but going down the trails is giving me that adrenaline rush I've been missing in my life. Love the videos keep it up. Can't wait to hit the trails you've shown us.

  • Neil Young. Great song choice man. Neil dedicated that song to my father during one of his concerts back in the day. I was lucky enough to see him twice, once with crazy horse and another of an acoustic set.

    Keep up the great work, love your content. Saw you at the park during a day at Fullertop loop not long ago, but didn't want to bother you as you were with your wife. Cheers dude!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing buddy I feel like I know you so much more now
    Was totally worth watching
    I remember when I was a skateboarder at 16 I really wanted to go pro but I think I started a little too late
    Cant even imagine how you felt putting all this together I'd be in tears for sure man

  • Love the candid video. Just getting back into riding, and find your channel to be one of the best out there. I’m sure there’s a ton of us with a skateboard backyard, but few who were as talented as you. That footage is sick!

  • You are such a rad genuine dude🤙thanks for sharing about who you are and where you came from. You're one hell of a skater! Haha

  • Keep those videos coming. You are an inspiration to a lot of us. You The Man!!!!!

  • I just see this,I been follow the Chanell and I like that it has a different touch from other mtb you tubers, I like the ideas you put in your videos like if you have a script writer behind you

  • What a great video… and life. I wondered what built your character and honestly didn't know your amazing history. I enjoy your vids but sometimes it's the person behind them that makes them interesting. Thanks for sharing and hope your mtb life is just as exciting.

  • Awesome video. I have really enjoyed your videos since I found your channel 3 days ago. You genuinely seem like a humble, caring person, it is nice to see a little into your life. Please don't ever change the way you are. The world needs more people like you, maybe I'll see you out in the trails someday and I'll ask "How's it going Outsider?"

  • Wow Tony cool story! Good to see you having your priorities straight good for you bro. I enjoy your videos I see a good future for this channel👍keep up the good work man. Cool you can enjoy some SoCal riding.

  • Just subscribed a day or two ago, great video and story. So sick you were raised in a skate park. Keep up the videos!

  • Hey Tony! So glad I just found your channel. After 7 years of not biking I've decided to give it a try again. I'm super local to the Fullerton Loop and after watching your videos it's got me siked again. Also, I had no idea you're the Tony Da Silva!! I grew up watching you skate so this is super awesome!!! Love this channel keep up the great work!!

  • Wow, thanks Tony..man thought you looked familiar..I’m around your age and time capsule..saw your Floop video..ride it many times but missed out on those smaller bonus trails..see you around..happy trails

  • Wait, I don’t get it. You starred in a Neil Young video when you were a kid ? 🙂

  • Rad! I'm 20% Skateboarder and I started riding MTB. I really liked your video on Santa's Village. Super cool. I didn't know SoCal has so many trails. I have to hit them up soon. Congrat's on your success and keep up the good work.

  • Great video man, I too found MTB at an older age after my passion expired to a lifelong long dream of a career as a pro athlete, skateboarding was also a huge influence and culture of the area I grew up in here in So Cal. I know the name DeSilva too, but the most IDK, what would you call it? coincidence? between the both of us is that I too am named Tony and am also a 1st gen Ameircan/ Portuguese. Love watching the vids man and congrats on the milestone brotha, we'll run into each other out on the trails soon, I'm sure.

  • Thanks for what you’ve done and keep up the great content. We all appreciate you tremendously!

  • Congrats on 1K! I told you dude, You are going to blow up if you stay with it. Good format, good rider, great edits and you are super down to earth. Way to go.

    As far as your history….. well we won't hold that against you.. LOL. Actually that's super cool how your life has come full circle in regards to CA and skateboarding. I (as well as most of your viewers) had no idea that you were a pro rider. Very cool. Glad to see that you found biking and your obsession with it comes thru in your videos. We are all hooked on this drug with wheels and thank you for posting and sharing your story and for including us in your journey. Props brother. Props.

  • Congratulations on where you are now. I'm a fan. Thanks.

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