11 Safety Tips for Solo Hikers

Hiking alone can sometimes be scary and dangerous. In this video I list 11 precautions I take to make my solo hikes as safe as possible!

// t i m e s t a m p s
0:00 – Intro
1:29 – Be prepared
4:01 – Keep at least one person informed on your plans
5:16 – Carry a satellite communicator
6:57 – Take a whistle with you
7:35 – Trust your gut feeling
8:21 – Don’t share your plans on social media
9:21 – No earplugs while wildcamping/no loud music while hiking
10:01 – Talk to hikers who come from the other direction
10:33 – Don’t let your ego make decisions around safety
11:53 – On hitchhiking
13:13 – On having no place to sleep

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// b u s i n e s s e n q u i r i e s

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My Heart – Jeff Kaale

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  • 1. take a womens self-defense course, taught only by feminist women, preferably lesbians, not a martial arts course. there is a well-vetted body of knowledge about feminist self-defense. the group discussions are the most valuable part. its not mostly about fighting techniques. Seriously, every woman should take these classes, at least every 5 years, for life.

    until you can find such a class in person, read everything you can about FEMINISTself-defense, from women.

    2. NEVER get in a car with a man. even if a woman is in it. that is the most likely situation for being kidnapped, trafficked, raped or murdered. and never give a man you dont know a ride, even if a woman is with him. If a man pulls over for you, say you changed your mind.

    Or hold a sign saying "female driver."

    3. hike and camp with, or near, other women. introduce yourself to women on trails. if there is no man with them, tell them where youre going and where your starting and return points are, and vehicle/license plate.

    all of this is based on crime data, and professional feminist self-defense advice.

    thank you.

  • one of your videos popped up on my feed lol I ended up watching all of them. you're so awesome!

  • Great video, good information! Your cute..you look good!

  • Lol I’d love it if some stranger knocked on my door in the middle of the night asking if they can set up a tent in the middle of my garden for the night because there’s no camp sites or hotels available 😹. That’d be the greatest. I’d surely say yes and allow them to pick any vegetables and fruits for their own sake.

  • In your first comments you suggested that your chances of being attacked by wildlife was greater than by a human. I would strongly disagree with this comment. Although there is a chance of coming across an animal with a bad attitude or personality, from my experiences in life it is more likely you will encounter a human with the bad attitude or bad personality.

  • unrelated but i love your hair!!!

  • A Garmin inReach is <300 EUR, and you couple it via BT to your phone, and can send and receive text messages. – What costs extra is the service plan, and this can become expensive if you want to have unlimited SMS traffic.

  • Come to Nepal, you will love it here 👌

  • Hi! I wanted to share a tip regarding hitchhiking. A friend once told me to never say where I am going, but to only ask where the other person is going and then if that fits me, to step into the car :). I thought that it was very useful in case the person had bad intentions, because otherwise they could follow you and such.

  • I think I'm going to get a whistle, just for peace of mind…

  • Soo interesting. Thanks for the insight!

  • this channel is so underrated

  • one good rule of thumb someone told me was "always go with an experienced guide the first few times when you start out"

  • Nice, Floor, you're radiating and signaling much more self confidence. Good lessons for all.

  • Thank you 🙏🏻
    Im scared of 🐻

  • I really enjoy your videos, my experience in trekking is reduced to the GR 221 in Mallorca which is where I live, and some sections of the Pyrenees, do you dare with the GR11? more than 800 km and more than 30,000 meters of positive slope?
    Maybe this summer I will do a section of the Kungsleden. Regards!!

  • Kungsleden opgezocht, omdat ik erin interesse heb om te lopen, en kwam ik tegen jouw films! Daarna heb ik alle filmpjes die je gemaakt hebt gekeken! 🙂
    Mooi! Prinses. haha

  • Via via hier terecht gekomen…meteen even wat afleveringen bekeken! Als fotograaf ben ik jaloers op de plekken die je bezoekt. het inspireert me om ook eens wat meer naar lange afstandswandelingen te kijken :D!

  • Thanks for these advices. I m started to do small trip like 2 or 3 days. I did t find the information. From which country are you coming from? Because I didn t recognize the language when you Don t speak english

  • You always make me chuckle, keep up the good work.

  • So good to see you here, welcome back to YouTube channel 🙂 
    Also all your safety tips are useful, thanks for them, specially the satellite communicator. If I shall add, would be a topic of water supply. From all fountains shall we drink? Any water filter equipment recommendation? etc. May I ask what is your next hiking plan? Also was wondering if El Camino on your backpack list? so famous like the Tour du Mont Blanc …

  • I A

    Very smart, I learned a lot 👌🏽

  • Watched all videos.. You are cool girl forreal! ❤️️ Hope, you are going somewhere to hike this year 🤗

  • Also I try to make my backpack look like a day pack as much as possible as people believe I don't sleep alone in the wilde and I don't get followed by some creeps met in town before the night.

  • I recently learned something very interesting about self defense : when you are not a fighter a lamp of 300 lumen or more is very effective to paralise someone by blinding the person. And I also discovered a peperspray that works at a distance of 10m (as a non fighter if the person is closer than 2m its over for me. And with a regular pepper spray I will have the risk to smell the spray myself). It's the Jpx4 and the JPX2. It's heavy and expensive but I believe it might worth it, just for the peace of mind.

  • Awesome beautiful but a bit dangerous 😣
    Be safe my friend ❤️️

  • You're back!!!!! Yeah!!! <3 Super funny, but super good tips!!!!! Garmin Mini is amazing and WELL worth the investment. 🙂

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