12 lb Thru Hiking Gear List & Review

Thru hike gear list & review for 2021 and my Basin and Range Trail thru hike. This 12 pound base weight thru hiking gear list provides full comfort without making major sacrifices to reach the ultralight level.

πŸ‘‰ My complete 12 lb thru hike gear list:

The link above has the exact weight of every item in my pack along with links to buy items.

Hiking Gear Items in my Backpack:

0:00 Intro
0:10 What is the Basin and Range Trail
0:38 Shoes (Brooks Cascadia 13s)
1:06 Sunglasses
1:26 Watch
2:02 Hat
2:46 Socks
3:21 Gaiters
3:50 Underwear
4:15 Shirt (Patagonia Capilene Cool Lightweight Long Sleeve)
4:27 Pants/shorts (Kuhl Renegade)
5:09 Buff/Neck Gaiter
5:20 Camera & Lens (Sony Nex-7)
5:41 GoPro, Grip, Microphone
6:34 Camera Carry System
7:17 Backpack Modifications
7:59 GPS & Satellite Messenger (Garmin 66i)
9:18 Lightload Towels
9:44 Trekking Poles (Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork)
11:26 Sit Pad
11:49 TP & Trowel
12:23 Hand Sanitizer
12:35 Water Filtration Kit (Sawyer Squeeze Gravity System)
16:35 Hip Belt Pockets
17:03 Camera Accessories (SD Cards, Batteries)
19:59 Backpack (Zpacks Arc Haul)
23:05 Extra Clothes
23:25 Shirt (Patagonia Capilene)
23:39 Base Layers (Patagonia Capilene)
24:31 Warm Hat (Mountain Hardwear Micro Dome)
24:44 Rain Jacket (Zpacks Vertice)
25:12 Rain/Wind Pants (Enlightened Equipment Copperfield)
26:01 Tent (Tarptent Moment)
27:26 OpSaks (Food Storage)
28:27 Extra Bags
28:47 Fleece Hoody (And pillow) (Patagonia R1 Hoody)
29:46 Wind Jacket (Patagonia Houdini)
30:37 Air Mattress (Thermarest Neo Air)
31:10 Quilt (HammockGear Burrow 40)
34:02 Toiletries Bag
35:48 Portable Battery Banks & Charging Cables (Anker PowerCore)
38:39 Headlamp (Petzl Tikka)
38:57 Knife (Buck Nano)
39:06 Multi Tool (Gerber Dime)
39:35 First Aid Kit
40:14 Junk Drawer (patch kit, duct tape, marker, super glue, etc)
42:20 Total Baseweight
43:08 I’ll Be Back!
43:14 More Great Hiking Videos

Are you thinking about thru hiking the CDT, PCT or AT in 2021? Do you know what gear you will use on your thru hike? Watch this video to see my complete thru hike gear list, what hiking gear worked for me and which items I will leave behind on my next thru hike.

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Major components of my long distance hiking gear list:

Zpacks Arc Haul Backpack
Tarptent Notch Li tent
Hammockgear Burrow 40 quilt
Thermarest neo air mattress
Brooks Cascadia shoes

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