13 Fun and Easy CAMP Games and HIKING Games by Family F.E.D.

Whether you’re going into the mountains to camp or hike, you’ll love these 13 easy #CampGames (see the list below) with some great ideas for hiking, too. Use them for #FamilyCamp or backyard campouts, #GirlsCamp, boys’ camps, #hiking trips, and #FamilyReunions! Some are even great ideas for backyard campouts, too!

Find links below to all items mentioned in the video:

• If a Grizzly Came a Comin’ game:

• Nature Walk Bingo game (10 printable boards):

• Deer in the Headlights card game:

• Deer in the Headlights video how-to:

• DiscGo (now Wingman) Frisbee:

• LED-Light FlashFlight Frisbee:

• Camp Talk conversation starters:

• Roasting sticks:

• The fun plush campfire set in the video:

1. Camp Chair Basketball
2. Marshmallow Tower contest
3. Campfire Kendama (Ball and Cup game)
4. Flashlight puppets and shapes
5. Stick-Tac-Toe
6. If a Grizzly Came a Comin’ storytelling game
7. The Song Game
8. Cairn building, racing, and painting
9. Nature Walk Bingo game
10. Deer in the Headlights card game
11. Best Frisbees for camping and hiking
12. Camp Talk conversation starters
13. Mega-marshmallow contest
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Happy playing!

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