15 Killer Tips to Get Hiking With Dogs!

Enjoy our 15 tips for an enjoyable short trail or hiking adventure with your dog! **** Download the FREE Simpawtico Basic Gear Buyer’s Guide here:


*Watch our video on 5 WAYS TO KEEP SAFE ON WALKS

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Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Flexi Vario Tape Retractable Leash

Flexi Soft-Stop Belt (springy add-on for the end of the retractable tape)

Flexi Accessory Box (use it for Poo bags!)

Tick Key

Mighty Paw Car Safety Belt

Lifepul Seat Cover

Petzl Locking Carabiner

Bear Bell w/Silencer

Nalgene Bottle

Collapsible Silicone Bowl

ITS Tall Boy Trauma Kit (the one in my car)


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About this video:
In this video, Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training gives you 15 practical tips to make your short trail hike with your pooch a success!

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  • Did you say that dog poop doesn't biodegrade? Wtf. Can't you hear how that sounds?
    Unless your dog is some type of a.i machine dog, it is an animal like all other animals that poop like all other animals. Poop is fertilizer. Poop is a natural part of nature, ultimately enriching the soil. I literally just shoveled 2 tons of horse poop on to my lawn to make it fertile for growing crops. I am thinking that if some type of test was done concluding what you're saying about dog poop not being biodegradable, that is because you guys are feeding your dogs NON BIODEGRADABLE food. I am thinking the same thing would happen to your poop if you ate McDonald's aka plastic every days. McDonald's per definition is not biodegradable. If you leave it out on a tray for 60 years, it will be there in 60 years. And your poop would be the same plastic shit that you ate. If you're feeding your dog a species appropriate diet, of raw meat and veggies, or feeding it a high grade kibble with fresh meat such as orjien, your dog will poop biodegradable poop.
    Is anyone thinking about the gazillion PLASTIC bags contains dog poop that fill up landfills all over the world? To take something that would literally disintegrate and become soil within weeks, and put it in a 100% non biodegradable plastic bag and throw it into the garbage and ultimately a landfill, is just crazy to me. If your dog's 💩doesn't disintegrate, perhaps you should consider feeding your dog proper food in stead of the ultra processed heat treated junkfood grain additive filled disease promoting kibble that you buy at the supermarket.

  • Well late to the show.. but just as we would train our body before longer hikes so should we train the dog. Shorter hikes before longer. If the dog carries somethibg, start with light weight. Also learn the dog to jump up on things and over things. Will come in handy if you leave the trail or hike on some more advanced trails and need to ju p over fallen trees or up on rocks. And if the dog is to small you should train how to lift them over obstacles. Second thing is to train the using equipment for sleeping before going on longer hikes.. train to just be in a tent.. use a sleeping bag. Or what ever you use.

  • The leash rule also is a major requirement for some dogs and more so for some breeds. I’ve got a beagle. As much as I train her to come back, I still know if she gets on a scent, she will go for it. It doesn’t matter training at that point.

    I also grew up with 3 beagles in the house. They constantly would escape following their nose. Do yourself a favor and just keep the leash on. Beagles will still enjoy everything about the outdoors and you will keep them safe close to you.

  • My dog Bandit goes nuts when we encounter any other dog on the trail. I don’t know what to do. My dog is always on a leash.

  • Opinion to add to the retractable leash: different dogs breeds may be more well behaved on a retractable.

  • In England we don't have 2 worry about 🐻

  • As someone who used to be afraid of dog, it was very refreishing to hear a dog professional talk about respecting leash rules. I don't care if your dog is "friendly" and "has never bitten anyone", if you are in a public place that isn't specifically a dog park, your pet should be on a leash. It can be very scary and even triggering to see a dog run in your direction with their owner screaming 100 yards away "it's okaaaayyy he isss friieeeendllllyyyy" while their dog start jumping and pawing you. Awful. I tended to freeze at those moments and having to wait until the owner dained taking their dog back rolling their eyes was always a terrible experience.

  • Love it vids! Such simple thing , I and people forget, just cuz your dogs friendly doesn’t mean theirs is.

  • What a great video! I love your leash comments. I love my malamutes, but the breed tends to be gender aggressive, especially my latest one who was adopted as an adult where socialization was more difficult. Loose dogs always caused great stress.

  • Great video! Hiking with dogs is the best! Here is my yellow lab in action – https://youtu.be/q2Onohc7WVc

  • I may have only watched this video to see that boston

  • I confirm that the best way to use a retractible leash is to throw it to the trash

  • Wow I do this for a living and you made me think of a new point of view. Love the video you should check out my channel.

  • I love your videos they are awesome I have one question though, what is your opinion on prong collars? And your dog is so cute

  • This video is very informative. Thus I would not be taking my pup any time soon to the wild lol

  • I want to take my little pom hiking but my husband is afraid that an eagle would confused her for a rabbit or something since she is so fluffy and small 🙁 also snakes and any other creatures. So sad.

  • you forgot to add to train an IMMEDIATE downstay! if you run into a snake or dangerous predator, making then down whilst in motion could save their lives!

  • HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanna chime in and give a warning I almost learned the hard way.

    One time I took my dog on just a long a hike out in the country and I was going to do a little fishing.

    It was hot, and my dog also likes to dip into the water.

    There is a large aqua duct canal that has fairly steep sides and it’s deep, fast moving.

    I was letting her dip just up high along the side but she started pulling to get deeper, the way she was twisting around and once her neck was wet, and the collar, it started coming off her dang head.

    She’s never swam before that time, so with the canal currents and not knowing if she would swim, now her slipping deeper I just climbed half in and grabbed her by the scruff and pulled her stubborn ass out.

    I normally only use the harness when we hike, especially mountains and such.

    So just please make sure your dogs collar is not too tight but won’t slip of if they get stubborn or it gets wet.

    If your on cliff sides, or around other hazards, make certain the links, the clasps, the links on the leash, everything is super solid.

    Harness is always recommended.

    It just takes that one slip up to lose your pup.

    They are worth the extra solid gear.

  • I put the bell on my dog so when is walking in the garden behind a bush I fin him again

  • Thank you for talking about other dogs might not be friendly! My baby girl can become aggressive if other dogs come close to her and she feels threatened. We've had the issue soooooo many times where people don't have their dogs on leads and just yell that their dog is nice as it charges us. Luckily she is small enough that I can just pick her up.

  • Bear bells have actually been found to many times have the opposite effect. Bears are super curious animals and especially if you’re in an area where there isn’t a lot of contact with humans bears will move towards the strange new sound they’ve never heard in nature before.

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