Are you considering living in a van and wondering about van life security and safety especially if you’re a solo female van lifer? Solo camping and van life is a great way to see the world and live cheaply, but it’s important to make sure you’re safe while doing it! In this video, I share 27 van life security and safety tip ideas for beginners.

I cover everything you need to know from security systems that work great in vans, security camera systems for the van, van theft prevention, GPS from Carlock that works great in a van or RV and is easy to set up as an OBD tracker, security tools to keep you safe, security alarm systems that are easy to install in your van, protection for personal safety to put around your van, guidelines, and tips to prevent your van from a break in, and the biggest fears when thinking of how to safe in your RV or van.

Don’t live in fear – watch this video and start your van life journey safely and confidently!

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00:00 Questions I get about van life safety & security
01:17 Biggest safety fears solo camping
02:31 Tools for van life safety
15:10 Parking safety
18:45 Security and protection devices
22:46 Emergency evacuation plan
24:02 Warning on gas stove knobs
24:55 Rules for safety


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  • Thanks Amber, lots of good stuff! Preparing my head and my heart to venture out in about a year😊.

  • The carlock ONLY works if you have a signal, if you don't you can't arm.or disarm it. Also the shock sensor is not sensitive enough you can open doors and empty the van without it sensing movement. The tracking is great πŸ‘

  • Perfect, your cameras are good, but you need something more then just being notified on your phone, you need to have your van assessed for professional security protection. Iliana, Miami FL.

  • You need β€œreal time” cameras in/out of your van, that you can see on your phone at all times.

  • Amber, thieves know about this device and the first thing they do when they brake in is remove this device. You need to have it Hard Wire to the battery but the thieves know this to, so this device does not work! I hate to tell you this but understand exactly what your dealing with thieves know you have CarLock in your Van. You need to have something else and keep it secret so you get the upper hand!

  • Amber, I hope you have a weapon’s permit, and a weapon for protection.

  • Solid and well thought out content that is useful for anyone not just for vanlife. I really liked the Carlock, I am going to look into that.

  • Thank you for this video. I am just preparing my retirement life and making lists of items to out in my mini van. All great items that will help me feel safe than sorry.

  • This is a great video with a lot of great information. Love it. Thanks very much for sharing. Travel safely.

  • I think the fear a lot of people have are urban concerns that don't happen in the "woods". Bear spray is expensive, for those without the ability to pay that much for something that will, most likely, expire without being used Wasp and Hornet spray is a second choice. It shoots a stream, not a "spray", quite a distance and would be effective to stop a human.

  • Hi Amber, you take care and stay safe, sending big hugs to both you and Lily.

  • This video is fantastic – so useful and thorough. Thank you for the effort you put into this. It may save someone. <3

  • This was a great video…so much good info. You inspire me and have helped me believe I do CAN do this some day soon! πŸ™‚

  • All you need is one thing, your head with common sense. Ask locals, if you see broken window glasses don’t park there. Our van was broken into by homeless in busy downtown Montreal and our van was protected by the homeless in San Diego…

  • Big like πŸ‘.

    Great video πŸ“Ή πŸ‘. Very good safety tips.

  • The item that sends out prescripted texts could easily be taken away by a bad guy I would think? Also knives scare me for the same reason. If I felt threatened I'd want the ability to shoot and disable.

  • What happened to The Queen and Bob ?

  • This is the best video I’ve seen on road life safety – definitely will have to check out that car lock device πŸ”‘

  • Amber when will you be offering the Boot camp again. It's time for me to jump on

  • Thieves are getting braver and smarter. They probably pull that deal from under dash. Hopefully they dumb and don't look. I have owl cam. I have same story with it but better than nothing

  • Great tips… definitely gonna look into a few of those

  • Fantastic and helpful video. πŸ‘ Made my list, and already feel better about making my travels safer. THANK YOU.

  • I agree… The biggest fear is for our Fur Baby…..
    I think you did a Great job to talk about Options….
    I really like the… CARLOCK…. Thanks….
    Sending Loves to Lilly…..

  • Tons of great options to help you feel a bit safer on the road, especially since your travel by yourself. So much beauty out there but it's always smart to be cautious out there as well. Give Lily a big hug for us.

  • Great video, I need a list!

  • Just came across your site. Amber and am enjoying your sensible and practical approach without the drama. Thank you!

  • Great content Amber. Thanks for sharing your much earned wisdom!

  • Amber, where oh where are you putting all this stuff? Like those big orange things to help you get unstuck? Well I have got a video idea…where and how I store all my large items πŸ˜‚. I am in a Promaster 3500 Winnebago Travato so I am very curious. Thank You

  • Great safety video Amber! We've been thinking of using the Simplisafe alarm system. Seems like you like yours, how do you power it? Do you leave the inverter on or power by some other means.

  • Thanks for sharing this get safety information! I am not a nomad (yet) but this is still great information.

  • DKR

    With all the money you spend on these cameras, apps for this n that? It WILL NOT protect you and Lillie in the event of a break in while your in bed. All of this will happen so fast you wont know what hit you. Save yourself… buy a firearm… learn how to use it… be confident… never fear it! because it will protect you and stop that thug before he gets to you. your only a few feet from the window, door or what ever practice your plan, access your gun quickly learn all you can about how to stop this attact. Save your money save your life! keep it a secret dont tell a sole you have this in your van ever! Good luck and remember these thugs will do more then rob you if they get the upper hand on you. God bless you and Lillie I also love your channel and subscribe πŸ˜€

  • Great video Amber! Lots of useful tips and tricks. The only thing I would consider adding to your list is a pair of jumper cables and a battery jump box in case your van battery dies. Not sure if the bluetti has that ability or not. Anyway take care! ❀️

  • Extremely thorough video with lots of great advice/ suggestions! I do not travel in an RV but worry about vehicle theft since it has become rampant here in WA state. I’m going to look into Carlock- that sounds good! My greatest fear is my dog being stolen while in my vehicle so we just don’t leave her alone- myself or husband has to be with her if we are parked somewhere- sadly crime is off-the charts these days

  • Your whistle woke up both my dogs. They gave me a dirty lookπŸ˜‚. Thanks for the info, can never be reminded too often.

  • Jen

    Van/car robbers always broke the passenger or driver side window to get in. I saw some cargo vans used for commercial having metal mesh on all windows except windshield. I like your van setup because you can drive off if iffy about what's going on. 5th wheel or camper on truck there's exposure when getting into the driver seat. Your silver color compliments your skin tone really well. Looking fab!

  • Thank you, Thank you for the valuable information. Forgot all about fire extinguisher and a lot more you mentioned. Take care and be safe. ;-}

  • Great advice! Thank you!

  • Best video I have seen in a long time on van safety. I will be purchasing a few of these items. 😎🚐πŸ₯Ύ

  • How did you go about buying the thousand trails membership? Was it super expensive?

  • You may want to check out van videos on a "KILL SWITCH" as a means of not letting people start you car unless your secret switch is turned on. Also you may want a trip switch that will have flashing lights and sirens blaring until you put in a code. Love your videos, stay safe and have fun.

  • Please stop with the Clickbait. It’s demeaning. I don’t know what it is about Youtubers after a while they get going with Clickbait and then I unsubscribe.

  • AWESOME vlog Amber and perfect timing…why? Because I got my skoolie!!! Woohoo!! I'm still converting her (Wanda is her name) but of course have been thinking how to stay safe and this vlog is full of great advice and products!! I'm only about halfway through the video but had to pause and Comment because that whistle woke up my dog, Tia πŸ˜‚ Thanks for sharing…going to watch the rest of it now 😊

  • Amber: You are the best. Did someone help you with Simply safe? I got one and returned it. I have a smaller van than you, and first, I had not place to really keep the base. Installing the rest of it and where was too much for me. I even had someone come out and they thought it was more for a home. Like where to install the cameras on the outside that they cannot just be stolen. LMK πŸ™‚ Happy travels.

  • Thank you so much. I don't understand what the Netgear hot spots do and how they work?

  • I also that you have Lilly is she a good alarm for you. Does she bark maybe when someone might be around your van!

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