3 Day Backpacking Gear List For Olympic National Park

Everyone loves watching backpacking gear list videos right?! Well here is another lightweight backpacking gear load out that is sure to be a good one. HA!
I am leaving Utah for the first time to do an extended backpacking trip in Olympic National Park. This is an area I have never visited before and while trying to decide on the gear I’d be taking, I found I felt a little vulnerable with what to take. It’s been difficult to know what to expect, so this gear list for a 3 day backpacking trip is a little different than my other backpacking gear load outs.

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– 15 Degree Down Sleeping Bag:
– Sleeping Pad:
– Stove:
– Cook Set:
– Titanium Spoon:
– Down Coat:
– Tent:
– Backpack:
– Top Quilt:
– Sleeping Bag:
– Sleeping Pad:
– Stove:
– Shelter:
– Water Filter:
– Water Storage:
– Cook Pot:
– Pillow:
– Backpack:
– Kuiu Gear:

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