3 MILE HiKE with Adley & Dad!! Backpack in Mountains morning routine, whats inside my camping bag!

Join us on the ultimate backpacking adventure with animals and waterfalls and more..


HEY EVERYBODY!! My dad and I woke up really early to do something really fun! We wanted to go hiking in the mountains!! For Father’s Day we got my dad a new hiking backpack that we wanted to test out! We filled his backpack all the way up with stuff we needed for hiking – Water bottles, snacks, a first aid kit, a filter straw so that we could drink the river water, hiking clothes, and I even packed a small purse for me with a lot of toys in it! After we packed up everything we got in the car and drove to the mountains! When we got there we had to find the trail and follow it! My dad told me it was going to be a long hike but luckily I was really excited and I was ready for a challenge! While on our walk we got to see a lot of interesting things like giant mushrooms, animal paths, waterfalls, a doggy, a lot of bugs, and a hidden bridge in the middle of the forest! When we got to the hidden bridge we thought it was a great idea to sit down and take a break so that we could eat some snacks and gain some energy and it definitely worked! As we were getting closer to the top, my dad and I made up a really good hiking song that helped us when it got hard!! It was really cool to be able to climb my first mountain!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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