5 BEST BACKPACKING GEAR ITEMS AFTER 1,100KM | Thru-Hiking the Great Divide Trail

Zpacks Altaplex Tent:
Zerk 40 Pack:
Fenix 6 Pro Watch:
Mayfly Sandals:
Speedgoat 4 Shoes:
Superfeet Carbon Insoles:
Injinji Socks:

Garmin InReach Mini:
Decathlon Down Jacket –
REI Flash 55 Pack:
Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt:
Garmin Fenix Watch:
Lanshan 1 Pro Tent:
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  • way too expensive for my budget. I think I am definitely not within your target customer base.

  • Cool trip and gear. I also have the altaplex and was able to do half of the pct as a flip flop until cal National Forest closures sobo toward mex . It's a great tent. Made for tall people but it doesn't matter. I also liked how my quilt never touched the sides. I'd like to point out that the hipbelt-less packs in my observations seem to work better for men and their builds. Women by and large are built to carry more weight on our hips. I've found a good but not stellar answer to that with the gossamer gear g4 20. I did carry a pack that is simular to the zerk for most of it aside from a minimal hip belt. When I switched to the GG, the carry comfort was night and day. Wider shoulder straps and decent hip belt. More could happen tailoring for women. Met a couple who were on a section where the PNT meets the PCT who had hiked the upper GHT and it sounded like it was at times a mountaineering route. Looked pretty steep …did you ever need ropes or via ferrata?

  • Hello Justin, this was a great informational video. Thank you for sharing it with your viewers. All the best to you. Stay safe and healthy out there. 🤗

  • I struggle with planter fasciitis and I've been trying to find solutions for it. What kind of foot strength training exercises did you do to strengthen up your feet?

  • Did one pair of Speedgoats last the entire 1100km? I use them for trail running, but have been worried about how they'd hold up in rough terrain with a pack on, and haven't really tried them for that yet.

  • If you like the Zerk you should try the Hybride from Atelier Longue Distance 😉

  • I’d really like to get the altaplex, but at 6’4”, I don’t think it’d be long enough. What do you think? Also, “speed goat has a wide toe box.” I went up a size and got the wide, and it’s still too narrow for my wide feet. I’m stuck wearing altars. I wish Hoka would get the memo to make Altra wide shoes. Thanks for the post.

  • What kind of strength training did you do for your feet to avoid plantar fasciitis?

  • H M

    Do you use the watch in GPS mode all day? And the battery lasts? I use Garmin Vivoactive and the Battery doesn’t last for an all day hike in GPS mode which gets annoying.

  • I'm glad they worked out for you, but those camp shoes will never not be funny to me. Cardboard-plastic, string…$40. They look like something my kids would make.

  • I have that same pack. I agree it is a great pack and does handle weight well.

  • Thanks Justin. I’m such a fan of injinji socks. Only way to go.

  • Love the super feet! I use a set in my snowboarding boots!

  • Great explanation. I will have to check out those sandals. Now what are the 5 things you didn’t need? Or things you wish you brought?

  • Is there any scientific evidence for using insoles? I though I read somewhere that you DON’T want arch support…

  • I recently got a mammut ducan 26l pack. It has similar running vest style straps with pockets. But for me, I love having a hip belt but wish it had a big pocket/straps on the outside to stuff a sweatshirt or whatever

  • That was great thanks Justin. 30lb on the pack is impressive. Atb gordon

  • i have also used the superfeet carbons. thanks for making this list!

  • Great reviews! Saw in your videos you mostly just walk straight through river crossings. Your feet don’t blister up at all after walking in wet shoes after a crossing? Thanks!

  • The Injinji Liner Crew and Liner Crew NuWool get even thinner than the Lightweight. I have the synthetic version but haven’t had a chance to use yet. They look like a great thin weight however, and I’d have to guess that they are robust. Their NuWool products don’t last very long so I’d have some durability concerns about the NuWool being that thin, but they would be more resistant to getting stinky while most likely not drying as quickly. Oh I see a good sock comparison review coming Justin!

  • Excellent video Justin, I’d truly love to get an Altaplex or Duplex tent but the near $1000CDN for me is hard to justify when I have 5 very good quality tents sitting on a shelf for me to use. I am still a boot hiker as I definitely need the extra ankle support but I always bring camp shoes with me either in the form of my Birkenstocks or my flip flops.

  • Please upload a detailed review of the altaplex, including any tips and tricks! Esp your technique for perfect pitch.

  • I had never herd of the Zerk pack before your videos, but I've really been considering it since your loadout video and then watching your thru hike. Can't be much more thoroughly tested than the GDT! 🤣
    Also, Injinji toe socks for the win! Great video!

  • Thanks for the list Justin. The tent looks sick, I’m a tenting noob, I hope to do allot more in the future. I have to say I’ve never heard of camp shoes or sandals 🤔. They German watch is something I’m really interested in looking into, I could use this for my hiking.

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