5 Best Hiking Trails in Madeira

This is our story of exploring the Hiker’s Paradise Madeira. It was our first time on this beautiful Portuguese island and we had only four days. So, we wanted to get the best mix of what Madeira’s nature has to offer. We selected 5 categories that characterises this North Atlantic ocean pearl and chose one trail out of each — the best forest, historic, coastal, levada and mountain trail.

All of the hikes were amazing! However, there were some challenging parts which we also show in the video. One of it is the crazy driving experience, as the roads in Madeira are like nothing we had seen and driven on before. We have some tips that you should know and see before going to Madeira island, Portugal.

These five hiking trails are must see spots in Madeira. Some of them are still hidden gems. At least one of these hikes can be considered among the best hikes in Europe. We’re sure this video will make you add some new hiking trails to your to do list. If so, please support us by dropping a comment, liking this video and subscribing to our channel. That’s the small thanks you can give us. Enjoy the video!

The chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:48 Best Forest Trail
03:25 Best Historic Trail
08:03 Best Coastal Trail
10:29 How to drive in Madeira
11:35 Best Levada Trail
18:14 Best Mountain Trail

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