5 Best Waterproof Rain Pants for Hiking & Backpacking

Best 5 Rain Pants for Outdoors that are going to keep you dry, warm, and safe in bad weather situations.


Best Rain Pants List:

0:00​ – Introduction

01:04​ – 5. Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Pants

03:00​ – 4. Marmot PreCip Men’s Full-Zip Rain Pants

04:51​ – 3. Mountain Hardwear Stretch Ozonic Pants

06:52​ – 2. Outdoor Research Equinox Convertible Pants

08:29​ – 1. Arcteryx ZETA SL PANT
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  • showing fjallraven kebs on the title page , is a put off , theyre as usefull in rain as teabag paper Totally misleading people just like fjallraven do

  • Its important to remember none of these pants are for hard wear. For easy trail hiking without any bushwaking. They will not hold up if you are hard on gear.

  • Arcteryx pant is nuts but man that price!

  • Yes,I do appreciate and very helpful. The things I look for on a rain pants:
    #1) easy to put on & of off. Likely I will be wearing over a pants I already have it on.
    #2) it has to be comfortable walking like hiking on a uneven terrain. It doesn't feel like walking around wearing a trash bag.
    #3) without saying goes it needed to be function as a rain pants, protection from rain.
    #4) A reasonable price,I don't want spent a lot on a pants I am going to tuck it in my backpack in case of rain. I live in Southern California. I haven't seen rain for many months if not years. Are' teryerx' s being bit pricy is understatement, $245.00 for a rain pants. My mother would say," Are you out of your mine child." Yes, I know it is a reliable product and solid brand. By the way,I appreciate your a brief introduction. In this way I know that these recommendions didn't come from people's just sitting around at desks. 👍 for review.Thanks.

  • I would’ve like to see a rain pant that was Both Gore-Tex and super durable for extreme woods conditions briar patch , thorn resistance

  • Is this Squally’s voice??…

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