5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Hiking Alone (Pt1)

I’ve learned so many things since my first solo hike. Looking back, some of my mistakes are just plain ridiculous. If you’re new to hiking, I’ll make your life a bit easier, because in this video I share five things that I wish I knew when I just started hiking alone. Actually, I have at least 10 important tips that I want to share, but I can’t cover them in a single video, which is why this is the first part of this video series.


00:00 – Beginning
00:44 – Adjusting Your Backpack
03:18 – Hiking Alone
05:26 – About Waterproof Gear
08:14 – Choosing the Distance
09:56 – How to Navigate
13:11 – Final Words

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  • extremely good content Hike Much. I shattered the thumbs up on your video. Maintain up the superb work.

  • I’m concerned about getting murdered by serial killer and bears, coyote, and wolves

  • Hey mate, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Great video, I'll check out more of your vids. Hello from a likeminded dude from the Swiss mountains

  • Hey thanks for the video! Going on my first solo hike tomorrow. It’s my 4th time ever hiking and my first time doing a 3 day hike! I wanted to mention though when you say you can spot more wild animals alone, since it’s more quite. I just wanted to mention that after a lot of research I’ve noticed people saying to actually make noise, talk to yourself, play music from a speaker, get a bear bell. This is because many bear attack happen because people surprise and scare the bear. So for everyone reading when you’re turning blind corners make noise. And just try to make noise at least once in a while incase there’s a bear nearby. If they hear you they’ll get scared and run. If you startle them though they think you’re trying to attack them and will fight for their life. This is actually why bear bells we’re created, so that there’s always a noise that unfamiliar and strange to bears, but music snd your voice will do just fine if not better

  • Thanks for the tips, but you should never hike alone, always take a husband to do the hard stuff🤭🤭🤭 thanks again 😘😘😘

  • If you’re an inactive person I would not recommend 8-10 mile a day trips. You will be miserable and especially with a heavy pack weight. I’d start with 5 mile days to prevent damage

  • Nice video. But please check your tenses. It is "5 things I wish I HAD known" not "I wish I knew".

  • Amazing video and footage. As well as info. Well done. Love seeing the other side of our beautiful country. I just subscribed please return the favor if you don't mind. Broyles Outdoors. Thanks from Tennessee!!

  • Very informative, I too learned these things the hard way. I am older so I still use a compass and a topo map for navigation. I tried getting a nice Suunto base plate compass (now owned by a Chinese company doh!), but it was sent to me with a dry capsule (no dampening). So in frustration I bought a Cammenga military compass that is built like a tank and has no declination adjustment. It turns out to have been a great decision as I love the compass, it is rugged, accurate, and it forced me to really learn/understand map grid systems and how to navigate. Also, no batteries to carry!

  • Really helpful! You have been in Spain, which app do you think works better?

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