5 TIPS for HIKING with TICKS // 5 preventative measures to take before a hike & 5 things to do after

Preventing ticks when hiking is key to avoiding contracting Lyme disease. We need to learn to hike with ticks in a safe manner. Ticks are nasty insects that carry many diseases, in the northeast the biggest worry is Lyme disease carried by the blacklegged tick. There are several preventative measures you can take to limit your exposure prior to hiking, such as using permethrin, deet, and picaridin. There are also steps that you can take after hiking to detect and remove ticks as quick as possible.

All of the information in this video was taken from the CDC Tick website:

Cheap Way to keep TICKS OFF!!! (CRAZY Experiment):

Sawyer Permethrin:
Deep Woods Off (25% Deet):
Tick Key:


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  • Ticks are nasty and can carry Lyme disease. BUT we should not be afraid to hike during spring and summer because of them. I give you 5 things pre-hike and 5 things post-hike to prevent those nasty buggers from sucking your blood and transferring diseases.

  • Fun fact we used to have a vaccine in the 90s for lyme disease but sales were halted due to anivax campaigns and misinformation hurting sales which resulting in the product being pulled from production by the manufacturer.

  • Good video, same type of info I give during my presentations !

  • I didn't get a rash but tested positive for Lyme's Disease. Not even sure how long I may have been infected. Given my knee swelled up, it was likely some months or possibly years. I am on medication for it now and concerned about the long-term health effects from it. What are your thoughts on it?

  • The steps and choices you've laid out were spot on. Even a baby wipe wipe down will help remove or find them after a day woods'in.

  • CDC says, huh….Yeaaaah….wellllll…. I don't know. From now on I think I'll just listen to my big toe before the "CDC"

  • So unbelievably helpful!!! I was just watching because I found one on me a couple days ago and wanted to do what I can to prevent it. Unfortunately after seeing that picture of the rash thingy that looks like a bullseye kinda…. Realized my mom probably has Lyme 🥺 she thought it was a spider and felt sick the past couple days. Even checked her temp. I can’t thank you enough. I hope she’s gonna be okay. Thank you!!!!!! 🤍

  • I did not like you hating the ticks. They r what they r. V r going to their territory we should learn to take precautions. Enough v grabbed the planet for ourselves learn to share, Mother Earth belong to everyone. Learn to be generous and accommodating like Mother Earth

  • There is a lab in Syracuse that is using citizen science type methods by offering free testing of ticks. They can be dead or alive, but they must not be dried out. I've had four tested — one positive for babosiosis (saw an infectious disease doc who said wait and see) and three that were negative for any pathogens. Here's the website. It's worth it and you are sharing knoweldge that can help us learn more about ticks. https://thangamani-lab.com/

  • Seresto collars are the best for pets.

  • Our household has had two cases of Lyme! Thank goodness we skipped the CDC recommendations and had our ticks tested. We still enjoy the outdoors daily, but with awareness. <3

  • As per the CDC's recent literature, lookup nootketone as a future ingredient for tick repellent.

  • It's ironic that you made this video after you 1) Banned all tick-related posts on Hike WNY Facebook page, and 2) Banned me from the page for disagreeing with that decision. Yet, it is clear that we are seeing more ticks this year and awareness is more important than ever. Do you actually care about public health, or is this simply made for publicity?

  • We are having a huge tick outbreak this spring here in Nova Scotia…got to keep my Berner, Otis safe, so he is well protected…very timely information…thanks so much for sharing your tips!

  • I do have CLD, I still go outdoors, hike, etc. when I can! It’s so important to share info so no one suffers from this disease, it’s very challenging!! Never give up!!

  • Easy Tick Removal Trick – Using Acne Medicine (Salicylic Acid) to starve it's oxygen so it can release without pulling. If you do it correctly, the Tick will release itself so it can breathe. YES, as simple as that and I've been using this method for years now and about 10-15 minutes.

  • I heard that permethrin is fatal to cats but it can be used for dogs. In fact I heard that dog flea products for dogs have permethrin.
    Permethrin is used for scabies and bedbugs too.

  • Great tick review Mike, thank you very much! Unfortunately checking for ticks after, fishing, hiking, hunting needs to become routine for all of us.

  • Thank you for the video. I just learned of permethrin from your video. Do you have any experience with Thermacell? I got one for Christmas and friends tell me they work great but I have not used mine yet. This would be used for mosquitos in my case.

  • Well put video. In all my hiking and camping trips I've never had a tick on me as far as I know, from the Catskills to the Whites. I always treat my clothes with Permethrin and use repellent as well. The times I HAVE had ticks on me was a few times while mountain biking in New Jersey, and I had no treated clothes or repellent. Now even when biking I treat everything. Sucks, but we have to do it. It's clear to me Permethrin and the repellents work.

  • Most of the ticks I find on my body come from my dog. She takes the tablets and the ticks die as soon as they try to attach. Some escape her and onto me. I simply pinch them off with my fingernails, treat with alcohol, and roll the tick dead with a chapstick. This is almost a daily occurance and I've yet to contract any diseases. (knock on wood)

  • I did not know the CDC does not recommend testing the trick. Now, my wife has CDC veto power so any ticks found on kids are ziplock and testing bound!

  • Great video here by OC.. do your research, be safe, and get out and enjoy your hike!

  • I prefer asking about it in forum groups! 😝

  • Thank you, this has been a concern of mine,, great information 👀

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