5 Tips to Consider Before You Visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

I’m sharing these 5 tips to help you get the most out of your trip to the bourbon motherland. A trip to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is almost certainly going to be a good time. But there are things I wish I knew before I took my first trip. As I am currently preparing for a trip with my brother and my dad, I thought I would share some wisdom that I’m utilizing.

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  • As I get older, I like to have someone do the planning. Are there any good guides/tour companies that take care of the driving and setting up the tours for me?

  • Sad I live in Louisville and have yet to do it. Been to Jim beam a bunch to do car shoots but since covid most places have been closed.

  • Exactly! The standard tours are all pretty much.the same. Splurge and do the exotic tours. Or tastings.

  • Hedded to knob creek from waukesha early Oct how far out you thinking?.

  • Barton’s in Bardstown is free owned by Buffalo trace or Sazerac

  • I did the tour last month starting on June 24. We did the Wilderness Trail tour and highly recommend it. Be aware if you go to Buffalo Trace there will be over 300 people in line when they open and you might wait 45 minutes to get in the gift shop, totally worth it. One "alternate activity" I did was visit liquor stores. A visit to Costco in Louisville was rewarded with a bottle of Calumet 15 for $108. Other Louisville liquor store scores for me were Old Carter and Four Gate. In fact my number 1 tip might be make sure you get a bottle of Four Gate because it is only distributed in a few states and it's superb. Next time I'll start my tour in Bardstown and end in Louisville – exact opposite of what I did this time. Our favorite stops were Buffalo Trace (not part of the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail), Wild Turkey, Wilderness Trail, Bardstown Bourbon, Willett and Old Forester. Least favorite stop by far, Barton.

  • Great video, as always!

    The tips I would add from my experience on the Bourbon Trail:
    1) Be mindful that with travel, tour schedule times and lunch, you will only be able to cross 3-4 off a day. Unless things have changed (I did tours in '15,'16, '17, '18) most places do their last tour around 3pm or 4pm. So if you do 2 in the morning and then do lunch you will most likely only have time to do one more.
    2) If you are in Bardstown, eat at Mammy's.
    3) Unless they have a harder to come by bottle, wait till after the tours and hit up a few local shops. Prices will be a bit better in most cases and you won't impulse buy a bottle that is just meh because you were caught up in the ambiance of the distillery.

  • I just went to Buffalo Trace yesterday their website is screwed up you don't have to book at all just show up they'll get you a tour we just walked in they had so much extra slots, mind you it was busy there but still the tours run often so you can definitely get in!

  • Great video, as always. I’ll be heading down very late summer. Im glad you talked about food stops. As much as I’m looking forward to all things bourbon…I cannot overstate how much I am looking forward to going back to Rick’s White Light Diner in Frankfort. I think about it and crave it often and am eager to try some favorites again and discover some new items. Definitely making a point of eating there a couple times.
    This is a very high recommendation.

    A quirky dive looking place that’s easy to miss. Rick is CIA (Culinary Institute of America) trained and the quality shows.
    Have a great trip.
    I hope you put up a vid about finding the good stuff!

  • Dude, you need to try the Texas Whiskey Trail. Just hit five distilleries with my son. They were all great but Garrison Brothers was awesome!

  • Might see you there. Going with a group at the same time and yes…had to schedule tours months ago.

  • Just got back so I’ll add these:
    1. Some distillery gift shops aren’t open on Sunday Monday &/or Tuesday
    2. Taters line up at other gift shops in the morning other than Buffalo Trace
    3. Buffalo Trace products are very scarce at liquor stores around the bourbon trail
    4. The liquor stores around the bourbon trail have inflated prices (see Toddy’s for some shockers)

  • Any recommendations for Bardstown if you only have one day?

  • Oh, Blind Pig Speakeasy in Bardstown is cool and check out their bourbon shop downtown. Great prices and awesome selection.

  • Drove down from Wisconsin and got back Monday. Spent a week. Jim Beam is closed. Louisville facility is permanently closed. Bardstown Bourbon barrell thieving tour is cool. Evening with Ezra at Lux Row was fun. Willet bar is great. No reservation but lucked out and sat outside. Great food. ISC tour is awesome. Second time. Liquor stores are pricey, the Kroger in Bardstown was reasonable. The day we went to the gift shop at BT was Eagle Rare day $36. Forget about a tour. If you are going to Castle and Key go to Glenn’s Creek as well Be sure to drive on Hanley Road.

  • Drew P. Where are you going in the Cincinnati area? If you let me know your schedule, I would be happy to meet you. I'm a big fan. Some suggestions: Hit the Party Source in Newport (literally next door to New Riff, they share a parking lot). Also DEP's Fine Wines and Spirits usually has great store picks. I have also heard that the Costco in Northern KY, has good deals. Keep in touch and I'll give you more information. Cheers David

  • It’s like watching Baker Mayfield talk about whiskey

  • just got back, good whiskey just as hard to find there. all the premium bourbon is in secondary stores at double or higher. make sure to eat at Bardstown Bourbon or Willet's if in Bardstown. Food at Bardstown was awesome. Also a note Bardstown shuts down between 9-10 PM Also they're lining up at distilleries every day @ 7am to get in gift shops.

  • I’ll be down there July 25th – 31 and I second all these tips especially booking ahead

  • Hit up Boone County when you go to the Cincinnati area. They are awesome and their cask strength (that you can only get there) is killer! I wish I could keep them a secret, but I also want to see them flourish and grow!

  • Another tip if I may: pack salty snacks for the car. Definitely helped to have a little tailgate snack and chat about the tasting/distillery/etc before heading out.

  • We just did the ISC barrel tour in Lebanon. Highly, Highly recommended!!!

  • What's the deal with the clock?

  • Where should you stay at in Louisville?

  • If you’re near Louisville Heritage Hill is must play. En

  • Very cool, brother!
    DrewPGolf episode 1 filming too?!

  • My wife and I have a tour set up Wednesday at Old Forester in the afternoon. We are going to eat lunch somewhere in that area then head down to Heaven Hill for their connosisseur tour later in the afternoon. We are staying over in that area then heading to Four Roses Thursday. I have never done this and can't wait. I had a tour set up at Bardstown but changed my mind and wanted to check out Four Roses.

  • Live in Cincinnati, son went to Law school at Maquette. Very similar Cities! Good golf. You would love Stonelick.

  • Also Star Hill Provisions (when it opens back up) is a great place to grab lunch while at Makers. The new Log Still Distillery (not quite built but looking awesome) is about 10 minutes west of Makers. Limestone Branch Distillery (Yellowstone) is 15 minutes east of Makers in Lebanon. Both small but pretty cool.

  • Just imo both the Bar at Willett and BBC are both hipster type places that aren't my jam. on the other hand, Mammy's is a great down home place to eat with big helpings if you like the sound of that

  • You do realize , the Bourbon Trail is state sponsored drunk driving.

  • Just did the Bardstown barrel thieving tour Friday. Highly recommended. It was really good.

  • Have you ever toured Driftless Glen?

  • Thanks for info. Going in August with my son for his 21st birthday! Tips are appreciated!

  • Maker's Mark was the first stop on our bourbon tour a few years ago and yes, it is beautiful, but bourbon tasting at 10:15 am is really not a habit I wanna start.

    My favorite stop was the one where my son and I went to Old Forester's distillery on Whiskey Row in Louisville. Great from beginning to the end including watching them firing up the barrels. Highly recommend. Must avoid? The Evan Williams Experience. The bourbon tasting is fine, but everything else was "meh." Straight up for the first-time tourist.

  • my advice from my quick visit while passing through was don't go during the middle of covid and not long after all the protests that happened in Louisville. Definitely wasn't much open.

  • E W

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Where are you going getting wasted doing distillery tours? You're only allowed 1.75 oz on a tour in KY. Yeah you can buy a bottle to drink after or hang out ordering cocktails. But the tour itself is just a tasting and everyone knows tasting are classy.

  • Going on the bourbon trail right after you so very useful video. Thank you

  • Maker's tour is not what it was…hopefully it'll open back up after Covid. Couldn't see production or bottling. Was my absolute favorite tour in 2013.

  • Wild Eggs in Louisville for breakfast. Fantastic!

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