5 Tips to Prevent Tick Bites and Getting Lyme Disease | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Each year, roughly 300,000 cases of Lyme Disease are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; it is estimated that this represents a small portion of actual cases of the Disease. Methods of diagnosis and treatment have been, for the most part, inadequate at speaking to the complex needs of these patients. In this video Dr. John Aucott with the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center will share five tips to prevent tick bites and getting Lyme Disease.

They are:

⦿ Create a tick-free zone around your house
⦿ Enjoy the outdoors safely
⦿ Protect yourself, your children, and your pets by wearing protective clothing treated with tick pesticides and treating your skin with insect repellent
⦿ Perform tick checks after coming in from the out of doors and showering
⦿ Remove ticks once found immediately by grasping them with a tweezer and pulling them off of the skin

Visit the links below to read additional information on preventing Lyme Disease, as well as what you should do after you get a tick bite.

What to Do After a Tick Bite –

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  • R Z

    How about using cell phone to video areas where you can't bend to see?

  • Ticks have gotten so bad in rural Ma. I had a tick on me in February, yes February, we had a warm day and the ticks were already out. I recently had 3 ticks dug into my skin in less than 3 days. What I have found to work pretty good is wearing knee high, full rubber boots with my pants tucked inside the boots, then I spray Deep woods off on the outer boots. this works pretty good , the boots are hot and uncomfortable but they do work pretty good. I hope this helps someone. Peace !

  • 8 ft fence wont stop any deer

  • Ticks love groins. Now you know where to look.

  • 1:15 Sorry we're not all rich folk with buffer zone space.

  • i pulled a tick out and it wanted to bite my fingers for blood right away

  • Clothing treated with permethryn will offer protection for several months? Did I hear that right?

  • I hiked in the woods my whole life and never heard of such ignorance until recently. Where did this even come from

  • Vital: if the tick was likely embedded for 36 hours – get the 2 pill Doxy prevention. The other addition I would make: use a tick twister size small. Otherwise- not sure about Deet. A terrible thing that folks are doing that is a true tragedy- is poisoning their lawns. Ineffective and deadly.

  • Do squirrels spread ticks and Lyme disease?

  • I have CLD, odd how some specialists basically think ticks know the borders!! I’ve had 14 ticks, growing up hiking & with all, and I live in Idaho, I’ve been bashed by many doctors, dropped. I absolutely don’t know why docs think this disease cannot be spread with deer, mice, I suppose they know how to read borders also!!

  • His baggy pants aren’t a good example. Pull your socks up over your pants, or duct tape the bottom of your pants so they can’t crawl up there. Baggy clothes isn’t the best.

  • Deet and premetherin are both carcinogens. Why is a medical doctor suggesting cancer causing agents as a form of prevention? What natural products can be used?

  • Great advice thanks….but..I found that many people that use Tweezers will most likely grab the tick incorrectly by its body, and therefore squeeze fluids from the tick into your bloodstream. A safer better method is a thin metal tool with a v notched end that you slide along your skin to get the tick at the skin surface and "pry" it off with a lever motion. Not sure if you or anyone is aware of this tool.

  • tysm i liive in the middle of no where but i never got a bite nothing better then being prepared for the worst lol

  • 300,000 cases of lyme per year but the only warnings on trail heads in CT is about EEE. Because they want public approval for aerial spraying to save the 3 horses that apparently die each year from mosquitos. If this sounds like a conspiracy theory to you, confirm it in 5 seconds with a quick search. Gov Scott Walker of FL, his wife owns a mosquito control company. The spraying is payed for with federal spending, so they just have convince localities in each state that the problem, EEE, is worth the risk of covering your state in pesticides. The site even recommends if you have an organic garden to cover it before the nights when they spray. They say that they will "try" to avoid reservoirs.

    This country has a problem for every solution. The only solution they will entertain is one that makes money. So they will market problems which are profitable and ignore those that aren't. They haven't found a way to make money on lyme disease yet, so it's not a problem. You can bet when they do however, that TV media, FB, YT, and twitter will have everyone across the US terrified to enter the woods, and begging for the taxpayer funded solution.

  • Very helpful advice. I wish I knew this before I got Lyme disease. Thanks.

  • the best tick prevention is never leaving the house

  • Wonder if the cancer dr agrees about applying deet to children's skin

  • Yeah… I’m just going to stay inside

  • Why i am here because my dog has a tics and the tics bite me

  • i have lyime disease bc of a deer tick in the woods and im only 11

  • More people need to hunt deer.

  • Very well constructed video, very professional.

    I gained useful information from this video, for that, you have my thanks.

  • So, basically destroy wildlife habits …. hmm

  • It is a good idea to anesthetize ticks with ether? When I was young my parents did that thing or they used to use vegetal oil to get the tick more slippery

  • What happens with the pesticides when one washes his clothes? In ends up in the sewage and finally in the ocean. Or are they biodegradable? Which I doubt as one only have to spray once in a few months. Staying on the paths, boring as it sounds and tick-free zones sounds better to me. Thank you for sharing.

  • "When you're hiking, stay on the path." Well that's not hiking in my book.

  • Just removed a small tick from my leg after going on a long walk in a woodland and long grass yesterday. Only noticed it this morning so it had been attached to me for over 24 hours. I was wearing trousers so I have no idea how it got there. Can you still get Lymes Disease from small ticks?

  • If you have a tick problem on your lawn just sprinkle crushed egg shells on your lawn. birds love egg shells its where they get there calcium. once a bird finds egg shells on your lawn he will keep coming back. while hes looking for egg shells he finds ants to eat… ticks… beetles..
    The other birds see him foraging on your lawn and they go down there and eat too.

  • One of the requirements for the Webelos Cub Scouts First Responder adventure pin says you must know how to treat at least five conditions from a list of first-aid issues, including, in this order:

    Tick bites
    Bites and stings of other insects

    Yes, because ticks are insects. 🤦‍♀️
    It listed black widow and brown recluse spiders under the “other insects” as well. 🤬

    Not only that, it also showed, for the black widow, a picture of a redback spider – an AUSTRALIAN species!

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