A Skill Improvement Training Day for Incoming Off Road Consulting Trail Guides at AOAA Trails.

In this Off Road Consulting video we are going to show you some of the skill improvement training for Off Road Consulting trail guides.

Off Road Consulting provides many services to the new Jeep owner, new Toyota owner or any new off road vehicle owner as well as the intermediate or experienced off roader.

Off Road Consulting is based in Pennsylvania and focused on Pennsylvania off road trails primarily at two Pennsylvania off road park locations: AOAA Trails and Rausch Creek Offroad Park. You can find the off road park links below.

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area is a large park for off road vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner. There are numerous AOAA Trails at the park perfect for the off road beginner.

Rausch Creek Offroad Park also has a large number of off road trails. Rausch Creek trails may be better suited for full sized vehicles such as the Ford Raptor.

The vast majority of Off Road Consulting videos are shot during trail rides or training classes by Recon Living in collaboration with Off Road Consulting. Off Road Consulting is the perfect off road beginner’s guide for Jeep off road beginners. The experience offers many new Jeep owner tips for beginners.

Off Road Consulting provides services including off road instruction from entry level to professional rock crawling, guided rides for all levels, of experience, private instruction and rides or corporate consultation services.

Off Road Consulting Website:
Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area:
Rausch Creek Offroad Park:

Recon Living YouTube Channel:

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