Adventure Hideaway guided dirt bike tours – The dump trail wash – Utah – San Rafael Swell.

This is a fun wash that follows along the main trail. Going down is an intermediate difficulty, going up requires a bit more skill.

Beginner through advanced trails within The Dump Trail complex.

The Dump Trail complex includes intermediate, advanced, and expert trails. Each group will join one of our guides on a route that meets the skill level of riders. The expert level Des-Bee-Dove trail is just about as technical as it gets. In only 2.3 miles it climbs 1751 ft. to the top of East Mountain. It is very steep and exceptionally rocky. The advanced level Bony Bench climbs up a steep mesa for 360 degree panoramic loop looking down over the surrounding desert. It also includes an advanced level dry wash connecting it to the main The Dump Trail. The Dump trail itself is a fantastic ride will lots of ups and downs, dry washes, steep hills, single track, and a freestyle complex.

We are based out of Castle Dale Utah which is situated right between the amazing San Rafael Swell and the Arapeen Trail system in the Manti National Forest. We have just about everything you can find in Moab except for the crowds.

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