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What are the advantages to advertising your business in an e-publication and web publication? Your market is the world! … Even if your business is local and not web based those people looking for what you offer will find you in a google search. For instance, if you are a local business in Lake Geneva, WI (where my Shore Path Trail guide is from), anyone searching for the Shore Path or for things to do in Lake Geneva will come across my free trail guide publication. This means they will come across your ad if you’ve advertised! …
Yes, there is a paid trail guide as well, which hikers pay to download. But the free version is one that anyone can see. … the other beautiful thing about the web based trail guide is that it is timeless… any time you change your ad, it changes on the web as well!
I publish the trail guide in multiple places but it’s also embed-able, meaning that other people can copy the code and place the publication anywhere they wish. This is viral marketing at its finest!
So click the above link to find out more and to get started!

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