Alaska Hiking Tips And Travel Essentials

Alaska Hiking Tips And Travel Essentials Mosquito Repellent Make a hike in Alaska or anywhere more enjoyable and successful with these tips, most of them include common sense. Carry a first aid kit, snacks, and water. Wear sunscreen whenever you head outdoors, and carry a map of your trail. Dress in layers so you are ready for any weather. Always tell someone where you are going, and when you plan to return. Find more tips and tricks for hiking on my video. Have a great time hiking, whether it is a short stroll or an expedition with a little planning and preparation. Bear safety is serious business if you live or visit bear country. How to stay safe in bear country? Keep your trash indoors until pick up time. Keep pet food indoors. Take down your bird feeders until the bears go back into hibernation. Never get between a mama and her cubs. Make noise in the out of doors. Be bear aware at all times. Enjoy bears, but use bear safety skills.
Look for posted signs about recent bear activity. Watch ahead for bears or for tracks on the trail. Don’t surprise bears, and never approach a bear. Make plenty of noise when hiking, groups are safer than hiking alone. Never leave food out when not in use. Do not camp near a wildlife trail or salmon stream. Do not cook near your camp, cook smelly foods, sleep in clothes with food odors, or bring any food or lotions into your tent. Never leave food out when not in use. Store food, pots, lotions, clothes with food odors, and trash away from camp. If there are trees, cache your food out of a bear’s reach. Be bear aware at all times. Enjoy bears, but use bear safety skills.



Sunscreen Spray
Mosquito Repellent
Travel Umbrella

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