Altra Lone Peak 6 – 200 Mile (Hiking) Review


I’ve been hiking with my Altra Lone Peak 6 trail runners for over 200 miles now, and they’ve been great. In this video I’ll show what makes them great and how they compare to the Altra Lone Peak 5.

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  • I just got these shoes for everyday use. I wear them to work, (Retail Stocker), I hike in them whenever I get the chance to go, I do everything in these and they are super comfortable I just wish they had better traction. I used to have a pair of Salomon’s and they had amazing traction I just didn’t like the heel on them. Hopefully In the near future Altra will put some better rubber on their shoes.

  • Finally a true reviewer who actually hikes! Would these be suitable for long distance more or less hard surface walks on asfalt roads combined with forrest trails? Backpack of around maksimum 10 kg (around 22 pounds) and distances of 40 km (around 25 miles). Many thanks in advance

  • MR

    How you clean them? The breathable front is hard to clean.

  • Do you feel these would work fine on a Whitney day hike from the portal? Or would you suggest boots over these on that type of terrain?

  • TGJ

    nice review! lone peaks are great.

  • They haven't fallen apart yet?

  • Hey Chris. Great video. My girlfriend and I bought the 5 version after seeing your recommendation. We have done a lot of hiking in them. They are great. Thanks for the good
    Advice. Plan on getting the 6 when they wear out. Quick question? We plan on hiking the bridge to nowhere hike in the next few weeks. If we wear our 5s and some tough darn hocking socks, will we be ok as far as the water crossing and walking thru the water not trying to jump over the rocks. Thanks again! We are big fans of you.

  • I have a pair of the LP5 and i find them to not have the greatest traction. I switched to the Topo's with a Vibram sole and they are quite grippy. Do you find the LPs (5or6) to have minimal traction? I really like both, they are virtually identical in all aspects except when it comes to traction… the only reason i use the Topo's now.

  • Thanks! How do these compare to Columbia's Vitesse slip/boots? I am totally in love with the slips.

  • Great review! As a trail runner, I didn't feel like putting on gaiters every time I went on a brief trail run, but I had to with the old Lone Peaks! I'd get monster-size pebbles in my shoes if I didn't! I switched to Timps which I'm much happier with. Glad to hear the new LPs are snuggier. I'll try a pair of the new style.

  • I tend to keep them pretty loose and slip them on and off. I haven’t tied my shoes since I bought them. I’ll be curious to see if I can still do that with the 6s when my 5s give up.

  • How much Space do you have i front of your big toe? I am afraid that I have bought mine too big… Lengthwise. I have 2 cm.

  • How is the sole of the LP 6? I found the LP 5 sole to be too soft and rocks became embedded in the sole. Are you going to review the Timp 4? Cheers!

  • Thank you for this review! I was burned by using the Lone Peak 4.5's on the JMT. The midsole completely compressed and they were quite painful. Have you noticed any wear issues where cushioning gets permanently compressed?

    The Lone Peaks fit just right and are so comfortable. They fit like a glove, and I would love to go back.

  • Bigger pull tabs, hooray!!!!! Now if only they gave us a Vibram outsole…

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