Backpacking and Hiking Concealed Carry Pouch – Zpacks Pouch

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This episode is all about the Concealed Carry system which I personally use whether I’m out on a day hike or a backpacking trip.

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  • I filmed this video prior to the murder on the AT which took place the other day and my thoughts go out to all involved.
    In your daily life, it doesn't matter if you are in town or on the trail, you have to keep in mind that you are responsible for your own safety; no one else. It's a fact, you CAN'T rely on anyone for your safety.

    I'm not saying that you should conceal and carry but you have to be aware that your safety is on your shoulders!

    With the carry system which I am showing in this video, this is what I like. It is what works for me as it offers a good balance of protection, comfort and ease of access. It's not the fastest or by any means perfect….fastest doesn't mean perfect and in reality, no carry solution is perfect!

    My intention with this video is to show you all what works for me without influencing you of anything. With my channel, my goal is never to influence but to share insight and information as you are free to make up your own mind.

    Strength and Honor
    – Luke

  • I carry 2 guns one on a chest rig and the other on my side with 3 extra magazines full for both in and a box of ammo in my bag. Always prepare for the worst. Thinking about picking up a 44 mag to carry on my chest and my two 9mm on my side. I've always been one to choose to protect myself

  • Nice solution. It looks like you could unhook the shoulder strap and put the pouch belt loop around the shoulder strap for even more stability.

  • Do you still carry like this, or did you find better way?

  • I just ordered the pack you showed. Thanks.

  • Thank you for talking about this subject. You obviously are not saying carry or not to carry, just how to do it. Will order mine this week

  • I don’t conceal. I carry open with my guide chest holster while hiking.

  • It’s funny I never felt the need to carry in the woods I have bear spray and that makes me feel comfortable enough for the black bears and cougars in the areas I go but after I had a run in with a really sketchy character on the trail it made me realize the other humans are the animals that are most dangerous out there. The guy came walking toward me from quite a ways down the trail he could clearly see my golden retriever and I walking then when he got close my dog went to greet the guy and he went mental and started threatening to shoot my dog and me. I just apologized and leashed my dog who is extremely friendly by the way and we got out of there. After that I changed my mind about carrying.

  • I use a thumb drive holster on the waistbelt of my pack, works pretty well, and no one messes with you if they can see you're packin

  • loud crunchy set up, unsecured within the pouch and those 'carabineers' are basically toys. It would be easy to tear that off someone before they could unzip.

  • No.
    There's all kinds of problems/mistakes with this.
    *First, quit muzzling Z-arm.
    *Z-firearm needs to be secured inside Z-holster/bag.
    *Tossing Z-mag in loose with Z-firearm will damage both and may cause Z-ND causing Z-left arm damage. (Should practice with and carry Z-TQ (right hand accessible).
    Good Z-product indorsement but lots of bad advise here.

  • No trigger protection? That’s an F rating.

  • I like the setup. Much better than the center of chest bag that has shoulder straps etc. Thanks, I'll go this route.

  • Can't say that looks like the best option Luke, trigger guard not covered by that thin material, it can fall out easily which if you have a round chambered as you should, that can be dangerous if you try and grab it if it slips… I have been wondering how I will carry with a backpack, which is new to me. the pack straps will almost certainly get in the way of my normal inside the waistband, and shoulder holster I bought for motorcycle definitely won't work. I'm still in the baby steps stages of backpackingcamping but have been conceal carrying for 10 years… when I get that far and figure it out, I'll try to remember to come back here and post the product… maybe it will help you like your vids have helped me.

  • I like my firearm holstered. I use a great little MTAC sling with 4 inner elastic bands that let me hook my IWB and a spare mag.
    Keeps a first aid kit, flashlight, chapstick etc in small outer pockets.

  • Hey great video thanks for the tip. I found something that works for my Sig p365 the Mountain Smith sidekick. Seems more substantive.

  • I carry a rugar super Redhawk Alaskan will that fit?

  • I landed on the Maxpedition Janus pouch after years of hunting around for the right option.
    The strap extender shown in pics is removable, that frees up the pass-through on the back that'll slide over your packs shoulder strap, hip strap, or belt.. plus it has molle and can be clipped similarly to this video.
    Getting tired of it on the left shoulder? Just move it to the hip for awhile… easypeasy.
    My G27 and G43 were snug on the mag well at first but loosened up a bit, my PM9 and LCP fit easily.

    I have also run kydex attached to the bottom of a pack with my bedroll concealing it, and owb on the hip pad, but I prefer it up front overall.

  • Stay home if you have the need to carry at all. You're doing the trail or legitimate hikers zero good. Maybe give legal advice on the laws of hiking while carrying. Btw it's not shouting about your second amendment rights that has to do with militia not gun nuts

  • Great video. Hill people gear medium chest pack. fits under back pack, fairly light on the chest. Maxpedition holster holds pistol, and second Mag. I carry a Glock 20 when ever in the woods.

  • While I like the setup you're demonstrating, I'm thinking I'd prefer having my firearm in a kydex to protect the trigger from a ND.

  • I carry with it loaded and pointed at my goodies. If it goes off by accident, I'll just transition to a female. I've been confused for years anyway – this just makes it easier

  • An armed society is a polite society

  • Man, I hate to be that guy.. but you should never carry a Glock without a trigger guard. Get a kydex trigger guard and connect the string on it to the inside of the pouch so when you draw it pulls off automatically.

    Carrying a Glock with the trigger unprotected is a good way to shoot yourself.

  • will that gun protect you from bear? I am getting a revolver.

  • I have seen video of you having the Ribz and Hill People Gear bags. What is your reason for not using them? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • I carry my glock 48 iwb with a stealth gear hybrid. It is very comfortable even when running or hiking and the synthetic material on the backside wicks away moisture like a champ. I'm also going to get a little badger 22wmr and modify it to fold almost literally in half so it will fit in my pack.

  • Last July while day hiking I was 10-12' from end of switch back. I stopped for some reason, looked up at next switch back and about 7' above me and found myself eyeball to eyeball with a 400# black bear not more than 10' away. We just stared at each other for 10 or 12 seconds, he appeared confused as to his next step as I did. I realized I had already unzipped my Zpacks Front Utility Pack with my left hand and had in my right hand without removing from pack my S&W 360PD 357 mag (11oz unloaded). The bear looked back at the trail behind me and 2 trail runners stopped behind me (I didn't dare take my eyes off the bear), they looked up at the the bear and said "oh sh#t", the bear charged straight up and away cutting switch back and disappeared. I told the 2 runners, "ya'll go on ahead boys".
    For day hikes I wear an Ultimate Direction trail running pack so the Zpacks Front Utility Pack really fits my carry needs perfectly. As Luke said it has to be readily accessible, period! Really enjoy and appreciate you great reviews Luke.

  • Good video and information. Nice setup.

  • I’ve been looking for a solution like this. Is there anything to cover the trigger and prevent it from being pulled through the soft material? Seems like it could be snagged or grabbed accidentally, especially if the gun doesn’t have a trigger safety like this one does.

  • Have you considered a trigger block safety or trigger guard cover for your G43? I would think there could be the possibility of a tree branch pushing against the outside of the pack just far enough to engage the trigger safety and allow the firearm to discharge. The trigger block safety is probably the least disruptive to your carry style. Here are representative examples of each on Amazon: (Poploc Trigger Block Safety for Glock Pistols) and (UM Tactical UM-TG Trigger Guard Holster System for Glock 42 & 43). Thanks for all the great info and reviews on your channel. Stay safe, Ron.

  • Yes,great video ! Carry with a permit where legal. A pistol is the great equalizer. 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • When you kill political action figures, do you need to bury them or carry them out?

  • Backpacking for me is typically for training. So god help the marauders who stumble upon my friends and i with AR-15's and full combat loadouts…

  • Desantis pocket holster with a M&P Shield 9mm, in my front right pocket. Very comfortable.

  • I run the Helikon Tex Chest Pack Numbat for this purpose; the hook and loop in the back panel allows me to run a Maxpedition UGW to secure the pisol. Don't hit the trail without it!

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