Backpacking and Hiking with a BABY

We’ve learned a few things about backpacking and hiking with a baby so I decided to whip together a quick video telling you everything we know so far. It’s always a work in progress and we’re certainly not perfect, but there is a learning curve to it.

If you’re looking to start a family, currently have one, and want to get outdoors with them for an adventure or two, this video is for you!

Our First Backpacking Trip:

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Review:


This channel is dedicated to helping you get better at backpacking. I hope these videos leave you feeling inspired and encouraged to pursue that backcountry adventure you’ve been dreaming of!

Emory, By Land



Jetboil Flash –
Long Handled Spoon:
Kuiu 30 degree bag –
Klymit Pad –
Fingerless Wool Gloves –
Altra Lone Peak Shoes –
First Lite Kiln Hoody –
Hunting Pants:
Sun Hoody –
Hiking Socks –


Backcountry –
Garage Grown Gear –

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  • Great video but what about diapers!!!???

  • Still carrying her around like that in 2021? Wondering what is the practical lifespan of such carriers, it's advertised upto 5yo 50lbs, that seems like a lot to me, out of shape dad 🙂

  • Great video! Our baby is 8 weeks now but we are already looking forward to hikes with her. For now only long walks with a baby stroller. Can you recommend brands for the baby fleece/rompers for hiking?

  • Great video! We have a 7mo and we're itching to get out into the wild with him. I loved your other video where you guys went backpacking with your little girl when she was 9mo. I have a question about naps – at home did your baby nap in daylight or darkness? We fear ours won't go down well in a bright setting because we've been quite strict about naptime in the dark! Thanks again!

  • Great tips! One question, at what age kids generally out grow the kids carrier? Is it a good investment after 2 years of age?

  • Thank you very much for the video. Very useful info. I just wanted to add that the other day I saw a webinar of a physiotherapist specialist in baby wearing and she said that the backpack carriers are never ergonomic for the baby because the knees are not above the hips and the baby's back do not for a C.

  • I wonder if anyone here tried vaude butterfly? Because i bought a used one…cant find a suitable sunshadow…. Also i find it uncomfortable it aint got da front soft pad as it does with a normal backpack…i wonder why??? Im still in the process of fixin my tummy postpartum into normal one…. So the extra softening would really help… Basically i have to walk without the belly strap…. Also i dont know why but in the city he just refuses to sit in the carrier versus countryside… And he s never been there more than 10-15min if any… Longest was 20 i think…

  • Have you done any overnight trips? Curious how it went if you did.

  • I like your video. I always like to see how other people pack for their babies. See if someone has a better idea!

  • "Be patient"! Yes! and persevere. We took our babe out for the first time at 2 weeks old and I had a melt down because I thought she had heat stroke. Now that I know her better I realize she was just so relaxed by the outdoors she was sleeping really hard. Every time she is in the carrier now she sleeps hard and I can relax and hike. She is 9 months old now and I want to go backpacking but I am not sure about sleeping situations. Thanks for all the tips.

  • Happy to have found your channel via the deuter carrier review! 🙂 would love to see a similar video to this about how you plan, pack and do an overnight trip with the baby. What she sleeps on and so on! 🙂 Keep it up guys!

  • this is sooooo helpful. thanks so much for the info. will def look into that carrier.

  • I like your tips. Nice video and channel. I have watched a number of your videos, nice work. Subscribed. ✌️

  • Thank you for shared the tips.:)

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