Backpacking at Land Between The Lakes- Barkley Canal Loop #backpacking #hiking #camping

Me and my friend go backpacking at Land Between The Lakes on Barkley Canal Loop. To see my other hiking videos please go to my channel! If you want to see more videos then please like, share, and subscribe!

The were a few particular challenges on this trip that made it very enjoyable. One being starting a fire in wet conditions. We were able to use leaves and waterproof matches on top of a rock that we placed in a hole to block out the wind. It got down to 30 degrees with high-speed winds so the fire was nice. Another challenge is having type 1 diabetes. Managing blood sugars for a newly diagnosed guy like me is already hard. When you carry 30 lbs for 10 miles it creates different challenges. After doing 4 trips since diagnosis I have dialed it in a lot more and my blood sugar levels are actually great while I’m on trail now. All in all it was a great trip, we stayed warm and dry, tested out some bushcraft skills, and enjoyed hanging out together before I leave the military.

Barkley Canal Full Loop on AllTrails

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