Backpacking Gear I Regret Using

00:00 Hey y’all
00:20 Hiking Boots (Lowa)
01:44 Cheap Waterproof Gloves (Gas Station Mess)
02:57 Solar Panel Charger (SunTactics S5)
04:33 Therm-a-rest UberLite
06:59 Gear I Don’t “Regret” But Still Probably Won’t Use Again
07:08 Platypus Gravity Filter
08:48 Gaiters

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  • So your trying to tell me that lipstick ultra lite battery won’t keep all my YouTube video making gear charged?…

  • Good review about the power bank / solar panel… I am thinking about getting a flexible one long enough to spread across the packpack so you get the sun from the top and both sides hopefully. I cannot think of any alternative off the grid. Mechanic gloves cover what I need, advantage they are cheap and solid as made of flexible textile and suede in the palm of the hand. All is needed is a bit of spray for weatherproofing, I choose the Monarch because they are double stitched and available in bright orange / black. It is a good idea to add touches of bright colour to your clothing if you chose to venture in or near hunting grounds. These gloves have a big velcro around the wrists and they provide enough grip and protection to do abseiling as well.

  • I cant stop watching her videos

  • Is her dog in the background?

  • its amazing that you have to give a trigger warning before you give a personal opinion about a product.
    Someone replied to a comment of mine once telling me why people like me need to die simply because I said I thought durian fruit was nasty.

  • first of all you you hiking or on your phone all day…lol Second is if you have good weather buy some
    HOKAS . 3rd just use a large power bank instead of a small solar panel.

  • thank you for thermarest info. horrible customer care. even after trying to make up their public image though you.

  • Gater Hater… I found them useful when crossing multiple streams/muddy areas/heavy train

  • I also had a problem with wearing boots, until I changed to a much thicker pair of socks. Then I also got an army tip that is amazing: use two pairs of socks. A thin one that sits tight against your food and prevents any rubbing and a thick one that provides an additional cushion against the shoe.

  • Thermarest is full of shit. They only stepped up because of your video. Not being an influencer myself, I won't be gambling with their shitty customer service.

  • I switched to trail runners for the tow box room. I have some big feet. size 14, 4E wides

  • I'm not sure how you used your solar panels, but I usually have a couple of panels stuck sewn to a flap that covers the top of my backpack, feeding a rechargeable battery pack in one of the outer pockets. the panels thus see the sun for the entire time I am outside. I do this rather than just setting them up when I'm stationary and they keep my battery topped up much longer. Also, when my battery is over 80% charged, I also charge my phone to 80% because charging that last 20% of the battery really slows down. I try to keep the battery and my phone at about 80%. Basically using this method, those two panels provide enough power to power my iPhone all day.

  • I regret bringing an alligator.

  • the only reason they reached out was because you have a voice that is heard.

    F em if you are average joe they wouldn't have done a thing for you, like they didn't to begin with

  • Lol, emergency solar charger doesn’t power my MacBook, iPhone, condo etc

  • I love gaters!
    In the winter when walking through snow.

  • The hiking boots dilemma could be the result of not the shoe rather just the exercise you were performing that day. There are other factors at play to consider than of footwear being a cause.

    Haha I don't know of anyone who does this but I just use surgical gloves/first aid gloves for waterproof hand protection when in a pinch. They're super light weight and get the job done great, I just have to wear some insulated gloves overtop of them if the weather is cold outside.

    What's your feelings on water treatment tablets versus water filtration? If the water is generally clear then I just use the tablets but say it has some murkiness to it, I make a simple filter using a plastic water bottle and the necessary components to remove most particles in the water.

    And lastly, using a yoga mate that much less comfortable versus an air mattress? This is my preference here but I find myself using a yoga mate.

    Great Video! I found it very informative. Happy trails!

  • Backpacking used to be the bare essentials on an extended hike to enjoy nature and the wildeness. Now it's all high-tech gear and gadgets mostly useless overpriced crap . Lose the electronics, a flashlight, and a headlamp is it.

  • Lets talk about the elephant in the room. How much does that long hair weight? That's like an extra six ounces right there!

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