Backpacking gear I should've NEVER bought

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Thermarest Compressible Pillow
Western Mountaineering Alpinlite
Kelty Cosmic Down 20 (less expensive alternative)
Nemo Tensor Insulated Pad
Thermarest Uberlite Pad
Hyperlite Mountain Gear
Big Agnes Copper Spur

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  • look into the paria pillow, i have the compressible one also, but the paria one is even better for me plus SUPER light

  • I never should’ve bought a hammock fo-


  • Trust me… soon your kids will grow up… and you'll start looking for that hammock again! 😂😂😂😂

  • I use foam pads in my hammock. I would never use it on the ground, but in a hammock, they rock. And being primarily a hammock camper, air pads just don’t hold up. If I know a lean to is available, I’ll bring the air pad, and I love it. Not trying to discredit what you’re saying, just adding a different perspective.

  • Passing through to see what new gear is out there and stumbled on this channel. Just for anyone out there not worried about packing extra weight and looking for more organization with pockets, the Osprey Atmos 65 is one of the best bags I've used. Lots of different pockets, including hip pockets and has a lot of areas to tie on extra gear. It's more than just a literal bag that weighs zero lbs and costs too much $.

  • who needs a pillow when you have your stinky hiking clothes in a dry bag!

  • Dan….u been working out bro??

  • Dan, have thought about seeing if the Nemo tensor would make a wide/Lone version that is a mummy version. This would take some weight away from the normal pad.

  • Dan, what happened to the UGQ quilts?

  • I have a lot of that gear. But you learn from experience. LOL

  • Got a link for the air pump you showed briefly?

  • Love my Hennessey explorer deluxe hammock. Sleep better in the hammock than I do in my tent.

  • I love my ridgerunner hammock and sleep incredibly well. Depends on where I'm camping but if there are trees I'm taking my hammock! 🙂

  • I love how he had to not show a nemo switch back cuz nemo sponsors him lol

  • "In the Car camping section" Haha, of a box store? The entire camping section is the car camping section at big box stores LOL

  • You do not have to disclaim everything, we are here for your opinion after all!

  • I used foam sleeping pads for about 20 years, they're light, but not the most comfy. I replaced it with an overthink and heavy thermarest since I'm not a distance guy anymore.
    The foam pads are super useful to keep in your car as emergency seating in wet areas, insulating groceries from the hot bed of my truck in the summer if I can't fit them in the cab, impromptu fort for my three year old to use as privacy while using her travel potty, sun shade for same little girl while driving, yoga mat, windscreen while car camping, and more.

  • Great vid. I bought one of those straw type pillows. It was a stadium seat at Walmart. I though I was so smart and cheap. Threw it away. Others? An extremely heavy wind screen for my stove, 3-4 various water bottle holders, a tablet stove system, a magnetized phone holder that was supposed to work on my backpack belt straps, compression sacks with little strings that caused frustration, dehydrated desserts, the closed foam pad which is still about brand new, a HUGE microfiber towel- now lives in my beach gear, a solar tent light, a mini journal-really?, and last, a female pee system with a leakproof bag attachment (when someone is alone in the woods and scared to leave the tent) that FAILED, that was a fun night.

  • The accordion mats are terrible but the ones that roll up gives you the ability to roll your tent or other things into it and strap it on the outside when wet. Very useful bedrolls go back since the old days.

  • Nemo fillo elite is the best pillow I've found

  • I currently possess both the Trekology pillow and the Thermarest Compressible pillow as I mostly wanted to compare their comfort. I am hugely disappointed by the Thermarest pillow, the one that you praise so highly in this video. I simply dont get it. It is incredibly flat, I would be better off with stuffed tshirt haha

    I so wanted to love this pillow after your review and even loved its design and moon print but it is a big fail to me.
    On the other end, the Trekology, that is lighter and cheaper is also more comfy to me as a side sleeper, and it is of course possible to adjust its height for better comfort.

  • Mop

    I honestly never bring a pillow because I have a 45L bag and am putting off buying a new one. But man does my neck hurt bad sometimes 😂

  • I’ve had the opposite experience on the pillows. The thermarest compressible does exactly what the name suggests and compresses to basically nothing as soon as I lay on it. Exped air pillow has been a game changer for me.

  • My worst purchase was the SnugPak Softie Elite 3. For the money, wish I would have gone with down from the start.

  • For a pillow I always stuff my puffy jacket into my sleeping bag stuff sack. Works great and no extra weight or cost.

  • I use one of those foam pads for when its colder underneath an inflatable pad. i have the small sit pad version which i take all the time and i can stick it in the footbox of my sleeping bag if my hammock is a bit cold

  • I think I can beat the air pillow shown as the first item – and empty wine bladder from a 5 litre wine box after inflation! It has two plus sides: 1 you are recycling waste for another purpose; 2 you can wrap it in clothing, etc. to pad it up. What else can you do with it besides use it as a soccer ball at a drunken beach party?

  • I got a Klymit 0 degree synthetic bag refurbished by manufacturer for $100, it is honestly pretty amazing!

  • I prefer down bags personally, but my winter bag is still my vango latitude 400, pretty sure its only like £60 rated to like -5 i think.
    If you know you know.
    Bulky, but quite comfy.

  • I like synthetic sleeping bags because they are more durable, when I hold a down sleeping bag it just feels so weak for how much money they cost

  • I like my folding Z-Rest style pad as an extra buffer between the ground and my regular pad when snowshoeing or backpacking in the rain.

  • BAG: I can't justify the price difference on a 20-degree, $600 bag. I have a Marmot Trestles 20 bag I bought a few years ago for $125 that weighs 2 lb., 7 oz. And the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 listed in the links came in as a close second. Now the Marmot has been replaced with a 15-degree version even though the 20 can be found all over the Internet, and the Kelty is still going with that 20.

  • Great honesty! I disagree with some, but whatever! Thanks!

  • Finding the right pillow is tough! I’ve wasted money on too many. I’m using the NEMO Fillo pillow now and it works good for me!

  • For a 20 deg. down sleeping bag, I highly recommend the Klymit KSB 20. You can find it for under $200.

  • Cool i didn't know Brandon Fraser was I to backpacking

  • So, you're comparing a Walmart synthetic fill sleeping bag to a down sleeping bag from a high-end camping gear outlet? Have you tried a high-end synthetic fill bag? Have you tried a Walmart down bag?

    I ride a motorcycle. I lust after those light-weight hammock systems. However, I often find myself in areas without trees. Sometimes without the option of going elsewhere. A hammock just isn't practical for me. If I never left the forest, I think I'd have a hammock.

  • Hi Dan! I've been backpacking since the mid 90's. I don't go as much these days but I still get out.
    I've always used a combo of the ridgerest pad and an air pad. I back pack the southwest and use the ridgerest as protection for the air pad and a little added insulation. I will also use the ridgrest as protection for the air pad in its chair kit form.
    I love the thermarest pillow! I also have a thermarest pillow bag thing that I can stuff my fleece jacket into for a pillow. I use that most of the time.
    Down sleeping bags are always best for me. I find they have a bigger comfort range. When I only had 1 bag it was an REI 0 degree down bag and I used it for all of my trips. I now have a Nemo 20 degree down bag as well. I love that bag!
    Backpacks. I'm still using my Dana Design TerraPlane. Yeah, it's heavy but after 25 years of use, it's still tip top. Every once in a while I think about buying a new, lighter bag but then I go look at them and realize they just aren't as tough as my Dana. Dana Designs is now Mystery Ranch in case anyone didn't know. They still make the Terraplane.
    I have a couple hammocks but I only use them for car camping trips. They're fun for a an afternoon nap.

  • Those egg crate type pads are good for placing under a roof top tent mattress. At least as a cheaper alternative to buying a whole new mattress since most RTT mattresses aren't too thick to begin with.

  • Great video Dan. I've been collecting gear for almost two years preparing for my first three days coming up in October. Im using an Opsrey Atmos 65 and realizing man theres way to many storage areas on this pack. I'm gona give it a go for this first trip but 🤞 I can find all my stuff. Your channel has been a huge influence and great asset to giving me confidence in my new venture.

  • I bought a tent and my Canadian made Westcomb Tango thermo top and a Kelty tent from Backcountry.. yup, Backcountry staff were right there with me with the skinny.

  • Great video. Gear you wasted time/money on followed by the gear you love instead.

  • Western Mountaineering bags are incredible. Hopefully the last bag I'll ever own.

  • I simply don't have 200g to spare for a pillow. Honestly I'd rather take another fleece or down jacket and wrap it in my mesh scarf.
    I'll never not have a roll-up foam sleeping mat, it gives structure to my ultralight pack and doubles as a stool and sit-pad. The question is whether I want the weight, cost, and fragility of a blow-up.

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