Backpacking Gear You Don't Need

With the huge amount of gear that’s available today it’s really easy to get caught up in the thought process that you need all the exact right things to go out and enjoy a backpacking trip. This simply isn’t true in most cases. So here are a list of things that you don’t need to go out and have fun exploring.

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Some of the gear I use

Sleeping Pad
Top Quilt
Water filter
Dirty water bag
BRS stove
Thermarest z seat
Nitecore headlamp
Down jacket
REI Westwinds jacket
Rain Pants
Kuhl Pants
Sun Hat
Sun shirt
Altra lone peaks
Camp shoes
Darn tough socks

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  • For light I bring a Black Diamond headlamp and a Streamlight ClipIt. The Clipit attaches to the pack strap and recharges from the battery bank. It'll run for hours off a single charge. I've had too many headlamps just cut out without warning to ever rely on just a single light source again.
    I need mids for footwear due to past leg injuries. If I tried hiking with trail runners I'd be down for the count after a not-so-long period of time.
    While overly large med kits are overkill, I don't agree on a minimalist kit, especially if alone and far from the trailhead.

  • Thanks for the advice on headlamp, I’m sooo guilty of over packing headlamps. 4 headlamps and 2 of those twilights from eno. Also 3 lbs of misc batteries.

    Some things I though I’d share from my experience taking first timers backpacking through national forest ( not state parks very different)
    Toenail clippers but no knife (??)
    Tooth brush and toothpaste ( personally I don’t leave without mouthwash and I’m ok with 7 days sun toothbrush
    Bear spray
    Cast iron skillet ( yes I’m serious he attached it to the outside of his backpack too!)
    A dremel ( for those who are not familiar it’s an electric rotary tool)
    Warm coat in the summer
    Gloves in the summer
    Cold weather sleeping bag in 90degree temp
    Gas powered bug fogger

  • Good one.enjoyed is a Lot.Great video.Thank you Very Much. Looking foreward to more adventure s from your Channel.

  • There is a small flashlight Fenix brand I believe that can clip on to a hat

  • Good tips for sure. I really like the lightness and comfort of trail runners as well

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  • Really good information. Thanks for sharing.

  • I think that first aid should come first. Yes you can lighten the big bulky kits that we get, but you have to be sure that you have all the right stuff for the worst case scenario. I've seen people that almost died because they were out for a hike and didn't have a tourniquet.About a year or two ago in Greece, a hiker tripped and fell off of a cliff. He ended up with an open leg fracture. He was lucky that a rescue team got to him fast enough and didn't die of excessive blood loss.

  • T

    hoka makes a boot thats everything you said you like about trail runners just shaped like a boot

  • I remember when I was young I used to take books.

  • I'd like to respectfully disagree about the hiking boots, especially for new hikers who aren't yet confident on their feet off rough terrain. The amount of times that I've been saved from twisted ankles on a hike from my boots is worth the weight and other things.

  • Great info to know! I'm trying to get into camping & backpacking so it's nice to have all this information at hand.

  • Great video. I am a gram counter. I have been known to cut the handle of my toothbrush to save on weight, lol. I cut the mesh pockets out of my tent and cut the tags off everything! They even put them inside the air mattress storage bags. I think the more experienced you get the better you get at knowing what you don't need. Trail and error, trial and error!

  • Lol I’m the huge medical kit guy. I always want to cut it down but I’m also the what if guy haha

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