Backpacking Norway in the fall, Peaceful 3 day Solo hiking alone in the Scandinavian Mountains

Backpacking Western Norway in the fall of 2020, peaceful solo hiking in the Scandinavian Mountains of Sirdal, Hilleknuten, Bergehei, Fidjeland, a journey through amazing views and waterfalls filmed in 5k on my GoPro Hero 9 and 4k60fps on my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This is a 3 day backpacking loop alone in the mountains around Sirdal in western Norway in the fall of 2020.

Music by Melantopia

Gear Used:
Marmot tent
Marmot ball cap
Osprey Aether 70 Backpack
Paria Outdoor Products Thermodown 15 sleeping bag
Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm sleeping pad
LaSportiva TX4 approach shoes
Norrøna Falketind pants
Fjallraven pants
Arcteryx Cerium LT puffy, synthetic shirt and Hard Shell Jacket

LaSportiva fleece
Helly Hansen base layers
Black Diamond headlamp
Primus cooking system
Apple Iphone 11promax for recording video
26000Mah power bank
Alltrails app
Walmart 4,99 $ Tube
Petzl Ice Axe
Patagonia puffy
Outdoor Research Gaiters
Black Diamond Crampons

00:00 Intro
01:44 Greeting
09:10 Hilleknuten Summit
19:23 Waterfalls everywhere
26:47 Jogledalen
31:25 Camp 1
35:34 Day 2
41:21 Off Trail
42:14 Calming Lakes
48:47 Peaceful Lake
56:55 BergeHei
1:04:45 Camp 2
1:07:24 Day 3
1:14:22 Cover Waterfall
1:16:37 Finnstøl

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  • It’s a great day when a Norwegian Explorer video pops up on your YouTube suggestions😁👍🏼. Love these Norway vids lately !

  • Hey qq can backpackers go there and hike without any tour guide ? Is that a national park or something ?

  • have you had all the food for 3 days or you topped up? i want to visit norway for hiking one week, but not sure id be able to top my food up🤔🤔

  • Warm magnificent autumn-colours ! Relaxing film full of quietness. I admire your passion of nature, pure nature….. And your strenght to persevere !

  • Very barren looking landscape from an American perspective. Almost no trees at all. It looks like this on the highest mountain tops in New Hampshire, but there are lush forests on the lower elevations. Did the settlers chop down all the trees ?

  • If a beginner wants to start hiking in Norway, what route would you recommend?

  • beautiful, thanks for sharing

  • Video Stupendo ,Norvegia per sempre nel mio cuore.Complimenti sei un G R A N D E !!

  • Beautiful, peaceful place. Definitely a glaciated landscape.

  • Really great video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • What is the geology here? Norse gods hurling boulders around? Trolls constructing cairns? Just an amazing landscape.

  • I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all the strength, time, effort & funds that you expend to create these awesome videos. The first 35+ yrs of my life I spent as a man of the woods, mtns & wilderness, climbing, hiking & backpacking every opportunity I had until life changed after a motorcycle accident in 2006. I am no longer able to walk & can’t roam around the woods as I once did, enjoying the lovely beauty of the alpine meadows & crystal clear water of the mtn lakes/streams. So I’m living these cherished moments now through your eyes& if not for you, those moments would only live in memory. Your films are giving my eyes/mind new life & adventures to enjoy. Thx for taking me along!!

  • I would love to try! I love camping but found my desire for wild camping only last year. After trying some in UK, I would love to make my second trip to Norway. I did a camping holiday in 10 years ago, always stayed in campsites, which are so beautiful. Can I please ask, is there any parking restrictions on roadside parking? I wonder if I should get a rent-a-car to go round or just use local buses.

  • nice video bro im a solo backpacker as well how did you navigate ? by map by aplication ? hope i can have a respond keep up the good work 🙂

  • I think carrying a sword would be acceptable when portraying a Norwegian explorer! Spectacular videos. Thank you!

  • What a different environment than what I am used to seeing. The topography is so interesting! What are the elevation ranges? Norway is so much more north, so I would think that even the lower elevations must be a good measure above sea-level already. I live in Oregon now (near the Cascade Range), but I was raised in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada's in California. Both states have tall, glacier capped mountain ranges covered in huge amounts of coniferous trees. (as you well know! Your hikes through the Sierra's were epic!) And the lower elevations are lush and tree covered. What a fantastic contrast. Both are so unique and beautiful in their own way. Just awesome!

  • Well, I’m having an excellent evening catching up on all the awesome long videos from Norway that I managed to miss in the last weeks 😄

  • Hey. I would really really watch your videos. They are soooooo good. Beautiful and professional. But in this Video there are 21 commercials breaks. It destroys everything. I know why youtuber have these commercial. I had years ago also a channel. Beauty with commercial. But I think for nature and the Beauty of it and the Peace …. I can not watch. I hope you understand. Imagine you are hiking and see all this and every 3 minutes someone is making noice or playing loud music. And somehow it destroys the work you put in.
    I do watch those videos in the evening as my Film on the Couch. You could load up the videos a second time one week later 😂😂 without any interruption. Good job and Norway is sooooo beautiful. 🇩🇪☀️

  • This landscape is crazy! The lakes are amazing.

  • This makes me miss Norway. I'll have to go back and visit again.

  • Thank you for showing us our beautiful planet👍😊

  • I really enjoy your videos. I play them on my HD TV directly in front of my treadmill. The photography is so stunning and captures the experience so vividly that my time on the treadmill seems to quickly go by. You really are a great adventure videographer. Please keep the videos coming especially from Norway which was my Mother's birthplace which I would dearly like to visit. I notice you have an alltrail link but it is truncated and does not connect to alltrails. Do you have a member name and saved trail route information? It would be nice to vicariously follow it.

  • Awesome landscapes and no need to carry water! Sunshine on your shoulders makes it perfect. Those little rocks here, there and everywhere on the horizon look to be havens for lost trolls? My first flight into Norway was from Copenhagen to Trondheim, just after Easter, so I was able to see the western highlands, snow in the highest and not a pointy peak to be seen! Was one of my most enjoyable travels. Thanks for sharing this bit of Norway, well done.

  • hey, Great vids mate. Greeting from Australia…. one question, what camera do you use for these ?

  • Nice to see your homeland. Such wild terrain. Next time leave later so you can camp by those cascades looking down into the valley at 25 min. And a sunny day. Beautiful. Thanks.

  • I bet you enjoyed roaming around your homeland, it must have made you feel exalted and newly alive! No place like home.

  • The unique quality of these videos is that he captures with the film the actual experience of hiking- sounds of water, quiet, views. He narrates but just the right amount. Love waterfalls.

  • Absolutely beautiful!! 😉🇨🇦

  • I like your videos ❤🥰
    you're a very nice person thank you for sharing your experiences.

  • Great series of videos. Do you mind me asking what brand of pants those are? (Blue with red zippered pockets.)

  • When I did my hiking, all I had was a plastic 35 mm camera w/ zero zoom…memories last forever. Bless you

  • All I can say is "In my youth" I'd be racing you up that mountain. I appreciate your effort and hard work to share with me and others. 🐐

  • It's not easy to hike with your arm extended while hiking and watching for pot holes and boulders. 😉

  • Thank you for the wonderful escape
    My friend. You get the goat from 🐐 Kurt in Nevada

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