Backpacking Yellowstone River headwaters, Teton Wilderness, 8 days Hiking outside National Park

Greater Yellowstone, Teton Wilderness, Wild America Part 1, Backpacking to the headwaters of the Yellowstone River outside the National Park withe My Own Frontier 4K60fps

Part 2 of this trip

This day 1-3 of an 8 day backpacking trip with my buddy Joey of @myownfrontier in the Greater Yellowstone, Teton Wilderness area. This is Wild America at its best as far as my experience goes. We go into some of the most wild and remote areas of the lower 48 states and find the headwaters of the Mighty Yellowstone River. Amazing vistas and views as we traverse the Continental Divide in the middle of an incredible wildflower bloom. Stunning waterfalls, meadows, mountains and creek crossings everywhere in prime Grizzly country. Part 2 will be out soon and will take us from the North Fork of the Yellowstone River, over to and through the Thorofare Creek drainage, Open Valley, Overlook Mountain, Glacier Basin, Rampart Creek and much more. We didnt see any people except for the first and last day. This trip is from outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.

Music by Melantopia

Gear I Use:
Marmot tent
Marmot ball cap
Osprey Aether 70 Backpack
Paria Outdoor Products Thermodown 15 sleeping bag
Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm sleeping pad
LaSportiva TX4 approach shoes @LaSportivaNA
Norrøna Falketind pants @NorronaSport
Fjallraven pants @FjallravenSE
Arcteryx Cerium LT puffy, synthetic shirt and Hard Shell Jacket
LaSportiva fleece @LaSportivatube
Helly Hansen base layers
Black Diamond headlamp
Primus cooking system
Apple Iphone 11promax for recording video
16000Mah power bank
Alltrails app
Petzl Ice Axe
Patagonia puffy @patagoniavideo
Outdoor Research Gaiters
Black Diamond Crampons
Filmed on iphone

00:00 Intro
01:31 Pre Trip
03:16 Turpin Meadow
07:31 North Fork Meadows
09:42 North Fork Falls
13:39 Camp 1
15:54 Day 2
20:33 Tri-County Lake
26:44 Elk Bugels
28:12 Continental Divide
31:36 Jay Peak
39:02 Ferry Lake
40:44 Day 3
43:54 Marston Pass
47:26 Headwaters of the Yellowstone
50:50 Yellowstone River

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  • Absolutely superb video Jarl. You shot and framed everything perfectly, almost felt like I was there haha. Did joey do any filming or is he taking a break from it? I know most of his gear is falling apart, next time we meet up for a trip I'm going to give him some of my stuff I don't use anymore.

  • This excellent video is a visual delight with the splendid views, the lovely meadows filled with colourful wild flowers. Thank you Jarl! I needed this positivity – yesterday I had to take my dearest, and my most talented dog to euthanasy. She was 11 years and 9 months old, my canine Soul Mate.

  • pinkze he say " very paridisey ( your phrase, love it ) awesomeness "

  • pinkze he say " wow never ends with this, I have watched many many times. The music is just subtle enough and adds to your editing skills. Should I be having a stressful day I just watch yours or Joeys channel and pure calm, thank you "

  • Absolutely spectacular landscapes but I am surprised that in this wilderness dont see more wildlife, for instance bears, wolves and wolverines.

  • I almost was nearly killed by a bison there in ‘89.

  • I adore you saying "What a beautiful morning !" It resumes the happiness about all the amazing discoverings of the day : the meadows of wild flowers, the snow-covered mountains, the green-blue lakes, the waterfalls, the white clouds in the blue skye….. the splendour of unspoilt nature. Extraordinary, Jarl ! Thanks for showing us ! Joey seems to be a joyful companian ! Greetings from Belgium.

  • 26:29…..That's not Yellowstone, that's Rohan, the Riddermark itself, thank you for the escape.

  • Great video! So great I had to watch it again! @@UC34MVsreWXxyh3seQRsuKCg at 41 minutes, it looks to me like Joey was extra worried about bears on this trip! Keep up the great work!

  • Man, you guys were probably ready to EAT a bear after this trip….seemed to go really light and simple for food for 8 days! I'm a bit of a slob and a food snob…I'd want more and better! However, I'm guilty of thinking I'll need more food at the beginning of a trip, and coming back with a lot of food at the end of a trip! (Gotta work on stopping that!)

  • Your first day was a long one, huh, Jarl? I might have said that already!

  • Jarl, did both of you guys us an Ursack for bear-proof food storage? Do you think you guys just got lucky with it or would you trust it to withstand a bear trying to get into it?


  • Looking at maps….thinking about doing a similar trip only returning to Turpin Meadows (or Ishawooa if we start from the east side)….these were some long days you guys did…I reckon not all long mileage days are equal (elevation gain / loss)…but your first day in particular here…looks like at least 15 miles on your first day getting to the North Fork Buffalo / falls area, huh? Was that a brutal day or easier being mostly level and straight ahead in meadows? Also, you think that bug net Joey was wearing helped out with blocking the sun any?

  • Incredible journey! the wild flowers and scenery were breathtakingly beautiful. Excellent photography, and a bonus to see Joey joining you. Thank you for such a fabulous video of scenery that, coming from the UK, I would never otherwise see!

  • pinkze he say " Tri County Lake- again wow ! I never get tired of watching this, thank you guys "

  • Jarl, did you experience any affects of altitude? Did it affect your sleeping?

  • Beautiful! Did Joey make a video on this too?

  • Hi Jarl! Have seen you in some of Joey's videos in past years and just stumbled on this one and your channel. I have immediately subscribed! Cannot believe we have missed these! Stunning documentation and scenery. My wife and I so look forward to watching your your posts now, past and future. Thanks for sharing!

  • I hiked Tetons in 2016…such a beautiful serene place…

  • Hey Jarl, Joey was wearing a bug net…the bugs bad this time of year? Was this in July or August? Any info is appreciated…this area is high on my list to go with my wife next August…want to be prepared.

  • Joey, you just saying "screw it" and crossing streams in your hiking boots?

  • VERY seriously considering this area for the trip with my wife next August…might be a problem as a through hike if we can't hire someone ahead of time to get us back to our car. I want to spend 2 weeks backpacking out west next August…may have to do like 3 four day trips in and out the same direction if we can't do 2 six day trips point to point with a shuttle back to our car.

  • Superb scenery! Really enjoyed getting to see this section of the GYE and the headwaters of Yellowstone River.

  • Epic awe-inspiring trek through Teton wilderness. Documentary style rather than pure virtual hike. Still really enjoyed it though. Scenery 5+/5, Solitude 5+/5, Stable video 5/5. Now in my top 10 treadmill videos. Thanks for all your effort

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