Backpacking Yellowstone – Teton Wilderness, Hiking Outside the National Park w My Own Frontier 2

Greater Yellowstone, Teton Wilderness, The Absarokas, Part 2 Backpacking from the Headwaters of the Mighty Yellowstone River to Thorofare Creek, Glacier Basin, Overlook Mountain, Rampart Creek. Outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park, this is Wild America with My Own Frontier.

Watch part 1 here:

This day 4-8 of an 8 day backpacking trip with my buddy Joey of @myownfrontier in the Greater Yellowstone, Teton Wilderness area. This is Wild America at its best as far as my experience goes. We go into some of the most wild and remote areas of the lower 48 states and find the headwaters of the Mighty Yellowstone River in the previous video, in this video we find the headwaters of Thorofare Creek. Amazing vistas and views as we traverse the Continental Divide in the middle of an incredible wildflower bloom. Stunning waterfalls, meadows, mountains and creek crossings everywhere in prime Grizzly country. This part showing days 4-8 takes us from the North Fork of the Yellowstone River, over to and through the Thorofare Creek drainage, Open Valley, Overlook Mountain, Overlook Mountain Pass, Glacier Basin, Rampart Creek and much more. We didnt see any people except for the first and last day. This trip is from outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.

Music by Melantopia

Gear Used:
Marmot tent
Marmot ball cap
Osprey Aether 70 Backpack
Paria Outdoor Products Thermodown 15 sleeping bag
Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm sleeping pad
LaSportiva TX4 approach shoes
Norrøna Falketind pants
Fjallraven pants
Arcteryx Cerium LT puffy, synthetic shirt and Hard Shell Jacket

LaSportiva fleece
Helly Hansen base layers
Black Diamond headlamp
Primus cooking system
Apple Iphone 11promax for recording video
26000Mah power bank
Alltrails app
Walmart 4,99 $ Tube
Petzl Ice Axe
Patagonia puffy
Outdoor Research Gaiters
Black Diamond Crampons

00:00 Intro
01:34 Headwaters of the Yellowstone River
05:36 North Fork Yellowstone River
10:44 Day 4
16:09 Thorofare Creek
19:31 Storms in Thorofare Creek
24:05 Day 5
25:58 Open Creek
31:18 Day 6
34:20 Meadows and waterfalls
37:26 Climbing unnamed pass
42:35 Below Overlook Mountain
51:30 Rampart Creek
55:52 Day 7, Bushwacking and River crossings
1:00:12 On Trail again
1:05:56 Day 8

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  • Breathtaking. The scenery got more spectacular as you went on. The music was sublime. Well done.
    How did you guys meet? You are a great trekking duo.
    Thanks for the hard work.

  • Joey – use a water bottle half full as a level to determine slope.

  • I miss you. Your videos are a Great excape from the world. Wish I could still do this

  • These two videos of the backcountry of the Yellowstone headwaters were the best I’ve ever seen on backpacking! Superb videography AND editing… gorgeous, wild country. Thanks again

  • beautiful scenery; fabulous video and appropriate commentary – nice stuff. thank you for posting!

  • Love all the videos. This was the first one I watched and while they are all amazing, something about this one takes the cake for me. That looked so wild with some amazing scenery. Adventure of a lifetime. Thanks for taking the time to film

  • Love all the videos. This was the first one I watched and while they are all amazing, something about this one takes the cake for me. That looked so wild with some amazing scenery. Adventure of a lifetime. Thanks for taking the time to film

  • Homeboy needs some new pants.

  • Greetings from Smokey Northern California. Joey is a cross between the Energizer Bunny and a mountain goat. I went to college (UCLA) with a Norwegian from Trondheim named Per Hansen.

  • I just watched this again, this time with my 90 year old mom. I wanted to share some inspiring scenery with her. Such beauty! A very welcome change from all the turmoil going on in the world. Do you still keep in contact with Joey? Thank you for putting out such nice work. I’m still waiting on an Internet with faster connections to watch your newer adventures.

  • Wow! You guys hiked through some of the most impressive scenery in Yellowstone. Excellent video!

  • I remain wordless at such a magnificence. Blue sky, green grass full of wildflowers in all colours, surrounded by huge mountainwalls and white glaciers…. ! Gorgeous ! My favourite phrase I hear you saying, Jarl, is "What a beautifull morning !" – For how many years have you been hiking ? Twenty ? It seems to me you and your buddy Joey have built up a solid healthy constitution ! Enduring tiredness and… wounded feet, no ?? I also wonder if your back doesn't get suffering from your heavy backpack…. 20 kilo ? Surely, throughout the years you've got used to it… Many thanks for these beautifull films !

  • what camera are you using to capture the dramatic scenery ?

  • 34:11 I am so jealous that you got to be there and all I could do is watch you on my frickin laptop. I think I've seen this vid now at least over a 100 times and that scene never gets old…..but I am.

  • pinkze he say " very paradisey " " never get bored of that, closely followed by Joey's reality check 🤣, you two truly are exploring experts, thank you for helping de stress my week yet again with this beautiful adventure "!

  • 35:50 Laurelindórenan (Land of the) Valley of Singing Gold, Sindarin name and it's absolutely breathtaking.

  • Absolutely amazing, I love all of your content! I’m wondering what your camera setup and settings are? The colors are so vivid, I love it!

  • Hey Joey, on approximately tenth time watch this I noticed your hand was bandaged!…What did you do to it? Also, seems like you're saying F it and walking through the creeks in your boots…you just figure drenched boots are kinda inevitable?

  • In a comment on a previous video, I said Joey needed better shoes. Now he needs better pants! But, still love him!

  • Fantastic .
    Approximately how many miles a day you were covering on this trip?

  • Jarl, had you guys wanted to, would it have been just as easy to climb over Thorofare Mountain and drop directly into the Thorofare Creek area after coming over Marston Pass instead of dropping into the North Fork of the Yellowstone?

  • Jarl, do you have a dedicated GPS unit or do you rely on something like Gaia GPS on your smart phone when you are in the wilderness, wanting to know where you are at, which direction to go, what the landmarks are, how far you have to go to get where you are going?

  • Jarl, couple of questions buddy….I'm looking at maps thinking about doing a similar trip with my wife in August…want to do all my homework so that I'm prepared.
    In this video, in the beginning, referring to the North Fork of the Yellowstone, just after going over Marston Pass…Did you mean South Fork? Looks like the South Fork is directly on the other side of Marston Pass.
    Also, just after coming over Marston Pass, do you continue west and northwest down the South Fork of the Yellowstone River or do you go off trail up and over Thorofare Mountain to get to the Thorofare Creek? It appears as though it's the latter…I just want to make sure that the video was in chronological order and that you didn't go around Thunder Mountain to get to Thorofare Creek. Thanks ahead of time for any reply you may give.

  • Tipper joey hadde likt jotunheimen eller lomsdal visten. Ta ham med over fjorden. 🙂


  • Wow

    Really, the only word to describe the views

  • I envy your lives. It's ok though, I'm living it in my own time. Thanks for the inspiration brothers.

  • Garmin locater, sat phone all very affordable. Hand gun high caliber. A bear you can see and smell. A cougar you do not hear or see u till it’s too late. In Michigan we have to worry about Bigfoot. He also will pull you out of your tent.

  • What an amazing trip, thanks for sharing!! I hope one day to take my boys through that same area. BTW, do you map out your routes or store them digitally on Alltrails? Love to see the exact route you ended up taking. Thanks again. Keep the videos coming

  • Epic 8 day backcountry trek, not for your average hiker. Great for treadmill "hiking". Scenery 5+/5, Solitude 5+/5, Stable video 5/5. Keep 'em coming!

  • Joey, careful walking on that downed tree…remember, you're about a million miles from help!

  • Looks like tough bushwhacking but that ain't got nothing on trying to bushwhack through a young Spruce forest in the Adirondacks! I'd do what you guys did 365 days of the year to ZERO bushwhacking in the Adirondacks! Hell, that seemed milder than a regular trail in the Adirondacks that hasn't really been maintained!

  • How do you guys know where you gotta do the creek crossings? The trails just run straight into them and it's pretty obvious they pop out and continue on the other side?

  • Come on Joey, let me buy you a pair of pants or two at REI and in return we just do a killer trip like this together!

  • What did you guys use for a trail map? I could only find one map for the area and it was a gigantic poster sized thing that showed no trails on it…useless.

  • Not one to get overly excited about wildflowers but the kaleidoscope of color was stunning!

  • You guys went off trail for a bit, was it any more beautiful than on the trails or just a different perspective? How did you navigate? Map / compass? Gaia GPS on phones?

  • Thank you so much for taking so much time to video your trips. It's so awesome to be able to see things that we will never see on our own two feet. You guys are amazing videographers, as well. Anyone who knows anything about shooting video knows what a pain it is to pull out the camera, set it up, then go back for it. Lots of time spent. And you guys do it on multi-day hikes. We're hooked on your videos. 🙂

  • I'd love to pack a fly rod back in there.

  • I love this video 🙂

  • Incredible adventure! 6 days without seeing anyone else in one of the most beautiful places in the world. What a treat!

  • pinkze he say "51:14– such epicness- describes both your channel and the surroundings on this wondrous trail, thank you, again "

  • This is my favorite of your vids, the BIG MEADOW below Overlook Mtn. is one of the most beautiful places on earth, I definitely would have camped there! Peace and love always!

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