Barbour Fork Trail Guide with Toyotas and a Land Rover #BarbourFork

Toyotas and a Land Rover take on Barbour Fork off-road trail near Denver and great for fall colors. Here we take 4Runners, a FJ Cruiser, and Land Rover LR3 on this difficult rated trail by both Funtreks and TrailsOffroad. Complete trail guide on the trail showing all obstacles, good camping spots, and the views. Trail Review at the end as well as some bonus content. I dedicated this one to my niece who would have been an adventurous woman like the ladies in this video.

Time stamps:
00:00 Intro
1:00 Trail Begins
1:41 Our 1st Rough Section
4:33 The Split in the Trail
6:21 Offroad Youtuber’s required drone sequence of pretty spot
7:25 Start of the Toughest Obstacle?
9:53 Moderate section with good camp spot
11:33 Working our way Uphill
12:40 A 30 yard Battle
14:20 Don’t get LOST
15:36 Back on the Trail
17:14 Another Difficult Stretch
19:30 Best Views?
20:14 Trail Break Down
21:06 Outro
21:38 Bonus Toyota Action

Lisa: 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road, details in vid. Instagram @TRDwagon
Cara: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, details in vid.
Jordan: 2008 Land Rover LR3 HSE, details in video. Instagram @maverick_cogx

Channel Info:
My name is Dewie Jones and I’m the reluctant host, videographer, and video editor for the channel. I’ve daily driven a wrangler my entire driving life starting with a 1997 TJ, most recently a ten year old 2012 JK, and now new 2021 JL. I like the challenge of driving a stock wrangler on tough trails. My buds are not new to wheeling either, but for their own specific reasons, now wheel aggressive SUV based off-roaders like Cherokees, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, VW Touregs, and Renegades. We decided Colorado Mallcrawlers was a funny name so that’s how we got here.

Additionally, just created this skiing channel, Colorado Plankers (aka skiers). The skiing content I once published here is getting a lot of new viewers so I started this. Mallcrawlers will continue to publish off-road videos and hopefully they’ll get even better from making more content on skiing.

For trail planning, I use the Funtreks Books (amazon search: Funtreks books). I have the current editions of the Colorado books and Moab. I finish up my trail planning with trails offroad as they can sometimes have more detail as well as user submitted current conditions feedback. I’m testing GPS apps and currently don’t use one. Here’s my video that tells you how I do it.

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Our Colorado Playlist:

As always, thanks for watching!! Your feedback helps me, so let me know if you can help me improve these. Share them with your nervous wheeling buddies (the Facebook groups never let me… self promotion apparently) so they can know that they can do the trail. Subscribe for more trails and off-road content…. you know, youtube things.

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  • Thanks for watching Barbour Fork! I know it took me a while to get this one published, sorry! I’m now getting ready to figure out what’s next to edit, I might do a quick edit of footage from Red Cone in 2020 as that’ll make Black Bear make more sense (a Red Cone Recovery & full trail guide of Red Cone guide is coming soon also), but what do you guys want me to edit next?

    Anyway in case you want to check out videos I talked about in this video, here’s some links.

    How to find trails…

    Here’s Cotton and I on Aldrich Lakes…

    Skiing content is coming to Colorado Plankers. I basically want to combine my ski instructor knowledge with my love of making videos there. If it’s something you’d think you’d like, I’d love to have you as a subscriber. No content yet, just waiting on the snow and then I’ll crank out a bunch.

    Thanks for your support… we all like making these for others!

  • Great trail. I took my xj up there after I gave it the first 2in lift. I had a buddy break his track bar just past trojan hill ine night. Its a great trail and there are a couple really nice campsites up there.

  • Wow! That Split In The Trail section was wild. I haven't gone three wheeling on any trail like that yet. Will definitely need to get a limited slip or locker in the future. However it's all about getting out and having fun with what you got. Haven't got a chance to do any overnight trails so I am very excited to do that. Really want to get to Death Valley eventually for some overnights.

  • I will for sure add it to my list of TO DO trails.

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  • I saw that TMGPS sticker on the FJ Cruiser 👍. Nice driving and excellent guide.

  • any idea what the squeaking/chirping sound is on the FJ Cruiser? I only ask because my R51 Pathfinder is making an identical sound when I'm offroad or hitting bumps.

  • Well captured video, it definitely gave a great perspective of this trail. Love to link up when I visit Colorado, planning a year long road trip starting the New Year on the road.Keep up the great videos, they have come a long way in a year or so. been watching for a bit, just recently open a YouTube account. Glad the Algorithm fed me your channel once again.

  • God bless Samantha! Wonderful to keep her alive in yours hearts and adventures.

  • What front bumper is the FJC running?

  • It's good to see women off-roading with their corresponding breasts and vaginas.

  • I really enjoy the fact that your group is very diverse with the vehicle line up. It's refreshing to see so many different vehicles and not 50 wranglers going down the same trail. Honestly, this gives so many people a great perspective on what can be accomplished in their own ; especially helpful is the vehicle info I really love that part.

  • Great vid man. I love the mix if rigs you have wheelin with you. Ever thought about a collaboration with Jon DZ?

  • How does this channel not have a million subscribers with all this off-roading hype going on (at least)!! So entertaining detailed and amazing footage shots

  • You are so correct, the camera NEVER does justice to how steep a trail is. Always looks flat in videos/photos.
    I need to spend next summer in CO to ride all these trails. Need to get my trail rigs back in action asap!

  • Great video as always! I do miss the beer ratings though. Best way to judge rockiness.

  • DJ, well done video! Looks like a fun trail with knee-knocking goodness in snow season!

  • Great video! If you don't mind me asking, how long is the trail?

  • Great edit! Every video gets better.

  • I'm so sorry about your niece. I hope you and your family are doing okay.

  • Thanks for the video it was full of great stoke! I did not know anything about this trail but thanks to your guide I cant wait to try it

  • I still have the Cruisers, just needed a work beater to save on fuel haha

  • Those ladies know how to wheel! Sorry about your niece. Looking forward to the upcoming trail guides. Heading to Moab next weekend with our XJ. Going for 4 more badges!

  • Looked like a lot of fun! What's your "stock KL Trailhawk" rating on that loop? Skid plates and rocker scratches? 😁👍🍻

  • Good video funny seeing our local friends!

  • Joe

    Awesome guide!
    This is my go to trail for wheeling during the week and it is a great place to try out your rig after modifying it.
    Couple notes:
    -There is a neat campsite right before the turn to the rock obstacle (7:50 )
    -Watch out for mountain bikers! There are single track trails that weave across the road especially on the backside. I have nearly been hit by some.
    -Often times there is a creepy abandoned pop up camper at the junction of 194.2B (it was there this past week)

    I usually run this in one of my XJs:
    96 with 2" lift, twin lunchbox lockers and 29"s
    98 stock height with a lunchbox in the rear.

    Hopefully you post black bear next! I was there over labor day in my WK2

  • Also I learned the hard way that that big field towards the end is 90% private property, basically everything from 19:54 on is public but everything before that is private. The guy is nice, but if you go up planning to camp there don't do it.

  • Another great review. Really Looking forward to BB … Will be trying it myself for the first time sometime in August 2022 in the lumber truck errRrr i mean the Gladiator. . –p.s. Really sorry to hear about your Niece

  • Did this trail a couple days ago in a stock 98 xj on 29in highway tires lol. Great trail with some good obstacles.

  • This was really great footage, I can't remember didn't you get a new camera? Also love this trail; When I camp I usually run it the other way to get to that field, but wheeling I run it the way you guys did.

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