Bear encounter at campsite – 3 day backpacking trip fail! (Great Smoky Mountains)

My 3 day backpacking trip in the Smoky Mountains didn’t quite go as planned. 😂

I was meant to hike the first day with friends and the other two days solo, but the first night after we set up at our campsite, a young black bear approached us not once but three separate times (even though we yelled and threw rocks at him).

I’m not one to let a bear scare me away and last night I was ready to stay and defend my chosen camping spot but my friends were not as enthusiastic about staying. I considered camping there alone or hiking to my next campsite, but since several other campsites in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park were closed due to bears, it seemed the safest thing to do under the circumstances was head home.

Fingers crossed the weather holds out and I can retry this hike again soon, but in the meantime, I filmed a little of this one day adventure and even got some bear footage!

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