BEARS: Overview & Safety For Hiking and Backpacking

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  • This is a great video on the topic, and well worth the watch if you have the time (Thanks Lyle):

  • I always use a bear bag just in case. Even in Ohio! Better safe than sorry! I hiked the south loop of shawnee this past October and while I was hanging my bear bag a couple walked by and I heard them trying to figure out what I was doing lol. I gladly explained it and that it was just something I've always done out of precaution…… they probably didn't sleep that night when they arrived at their camp lol.

  • Use an Ursack in bear country and odor proof opsack inside. There are rarely any trees to tie a food bag like that most of the time and most bear hangs are done poorly and not worth the hastle… Weight is only 243g for Xl Ursack which can carry 7 days of food. Once a bear gets at your food it becomes territorial and aggressive, saying this from much experience in BC/AB/SK backcountry Canada as I have been charged and stalked for a long time by a black bear who got into my sil Nylon food bag. Been around many many black bears and Grizzlys and it is the best method for backpacking…

    PS this is probably the most awesome yet graphic bear video I have seen!

  • If you are in grizzly bear country, be on the lookout for trees that you can climb. Also be aware that a predatory bear can cover 44 feet in one second.

  • Luckily all of my bear encounters have mostly involved me in a vehicle. As many times I have been around the beginning of the AT (Luckily live right down the road from Springer) i have never seen one bear in 5 years. My house? We see them from time to time. And have seen Browns in Utah. And if only had a camera could prove the age old question. Yes, bears poop in the woods.

    But do have a request. Recipes for some of your meals? Esp the Shepards Pie?

  • Haha It's not really on video. I was too busy messing my pants. The encounter itself is on camera though. Why am I the butt of this videos jokes lol

  • Had a good laugh at the little guy in the middle.

  • One thing you will want to do is look big!. Bears have poor eye sight and don't want to fight something that might hurt them. Worked in Alaska with a grizzly that got real close before I saw it.

  • Black bears thrive in eastern and western Canada as well as throughout the contiguous US and Alaska! Since I primarily backpack alone I’ve seen quite a few. Thankfully, out west I only saw one Brown from afar.Thanks for the vid, you guys do great work

  • I was almost positive ya'll would've done a demo on the Dutchware Gear PCT bear bag toggle based on all the stuff you get from them… that thing quickly moved up into my top 5 favorite gear items

  • Hey guys did you see they had a sighting/video of one in Wadsworth

  • Bear are common in Pennsylvania so I always hang food and any other scented items. I've gotten into the habit of always using odor blocking bags and have not had any issues so far. You guys covered this topic very well, good job. In the east we are bad about cooking away from our sites so many back country spots are built in a way that they almost encourage it.

  • I really like this book called "Bear attacks, their causes and avoidances, 2nd ed". It's written by a biologist with tons of field experience and he gives lots of raw data and experience in the book. Bear spray is statistically the best but he found that air horns were really good for avoiding an encounter all together. Sabre sells a packable air horn on Amazon (same one as the frontiersman brand, but cheaper). As for guns I have read that they usually just piss the bear off and anything less than a 12 gauge slug is laughable. Funny you mention the 9mm taking down a bear because if you go to Buffalo Bores website and look at their 9mm outdoorsman ammo, they have a story with pics of a guy in AK taking down a grizz with this particular 9mm round. I think that keeping a clean camp and following all the usual rules is a good way to slim down the chances of an encounter. I also try to stay away from the hi use areas where bears are becoming accustomed to people. Sweet video and good topic guys.

  • Camping in some remote boat-in sites as well as backpacking, carry a few firecrackers or whistling bottle rockets. Had to use bottle rockets a few times for bear deterrants. Never actually seen a bear while hiking, they usually hear you before you see them, and run away. Good info for those "scared" of bears.

  • Sounds like you guys have a goose problem in the background lol

  • How about selfies with bears? Haha. I'll have to tell you my two run ins with black bears. One in Dolly Sods last year and another out in the Sierra's just 6 months earlier. Both were huge and they both took off. I couldn'tbelieve how fast they were.

  • Do yall have BEARS in that foreign land of OHIO?jk..i see them all the time in PA,NY and my home state of jersey..great video and info fellas..i carry mace just for comfort sake..i see prolly 30 a year easy

  • I read about this guy who thought that bear spray was to be used like insect repellent and he sprayed it on himself. Not very smart! Seriously, once you encounter black bears and see how they usually run right off, you'll be more OK about them. Many black bears are small but there are some really big ones out there so be careful. In November, 2017, a hunter shot a 700 pound black bear in Oil Creek State Park in western Pennsylvania, a place that I have seen black bears on three separate trips. Have you had any bear encounters? One of mine- I woke up one morning in north-central Pennsylvania to hear my friend yelling at a black bear in our campsite, right outside our tents. The bear took right off.

  • 1. Smell on your clothes: I'm in northern lower Michigan, and about six years ago a bow hunter was attacked in his tree stand by bears. A mother sent her cubs up to get the guy. He went to a barbecue before hunting. He's probably one of the few people to ever get to kick bear cubs in the face and survive.

    2. I looked it up, and bear spray is not stronger. It's effective because of how it sprays, the distance at which it's properly deployed, and bear behavior. Don't use it to defend yourself against a rapist. Lots of references online.

    3. Great vid here on this exact topic. The people talked to a wildlife biologist, show examples of what NOT to do, and have practical advice.

    4. Bluff charges: I hesitate to call this woman an idiot, because she wants us to vote for Chris Christie, so she's clearly a genius.

  • I dont bring a gun but with a bear i think the biggest benefit of a gun would be the noise to hope and scare it. Other than that id only really want one in grizzly or brown bear territory or cougar territory. Cougars will mess you up man haha.

  • Crap…. I probably smell like a coffee bean going to bed when backpacking… 🤣

  • I’m in S.C. upstate and have had several run ins with black bear wether it be hunting or backpacking they have always scared me more running off in the woods before I could see them what you don’t wanna see though in the eastern us is a dang wild boar they won’t run the come full steam ahead and a 9mm right in the skull usually does the trick. Hey also sboutdoors I started a channel if y’all are interested it’s called weezing panda and it’s all about hiking and backpacking

  • I'm in NJ, we see black bears ALL the time. I use the LokSak's religously. I frequent a site on the AT, and have had a 400 pounder walk right up to the bear box 40 feet from my hammock. Good video guys, more people need to learn the proper practices for dealing with their food and encountering bears in the woods. This video is a good start for those people!!

  • 0 issues with brown bears. They always ran away after a few yo bears. Have you camped in grizzly country?

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