Beautiful Trail Hiking and BACKPACKING to Kennedy Lake California

Perhaps one of the greatest backpacking trips in California, Kennedy Lake, located within within Stanislaus Forest and Emigrant Wilderness, has everything you can ask for. Stunning mountains, trickling streams, challenging hike, incredible wild flowers and wild animals eventually yield to a beautiful alpine Kennedy Lake. Started this trip friday 6/16/19-6/20/19. Started from the tiny town of Twain Harte where we slept overnight at our friends house (who later caught up with us saturday after work) after one heck of a delicious breakfast at the Little Cottage Cafe in town. This hike/trip was slightly different than most. To get to this trail you actually start at the Kennedy Meadows Resort which is located off of a dirt road and has an old town vibe and nice to check out if you have the time. You will see many horses on the premise for which they are used to haul goods and people to various sites in the nearby sierras. This also serves as a major stopping point for thru hikers on the PCT. Due to the resort and a nearby reservoir that shares a similar trail system early on, you see a good amount of day hikers and people in general. That changes quite quickly after you reach around 5-6 miles and the true hike/trip begins. The landscape changes quickly over the ten miles from quick elevation gains and rocky terrain with rushing rivers to a modest flat hike which will lead you through a march/meadow (depending on the time of year) and snow capped mountains which guard Kennedy lake. The campsites can be quite primitive and rough by the lake on rocky terrain. Where you see trees is where you will find previous campsites. I cannot express how much I loved this trip and spot. Of course, its always best when friends are with you 🙂

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