Beckley Creek Park Trail Guide: Valley of the Giants

The Valley of the Giants trail is located in the Distillery Bend section of Beckley Creek Park, part of the Parklands of Floyds Fork.

The Valley of the Giants trail is an end-to-end trail, meaning it doesn’t make a loop. In this video, we’ll show you how to make a loop by parking at the Distillery Bend trailhead parking and starting and ending there, using the Louisville Loop to complete your loop. The total mileage is 1.1 miles.

The trail conditions are very easy, with no hills and a fine dirt path that gets muddy whenever it rains. Look for many large, mature sycamore trees as you parallel Floyds Fork on this wonderful trail.

The only downside to this trail is its length. At 0.63 miles, the Valley of the Giants trail may be too short for those wanting a longer workout. If this is you, use the Sara & W.L. Lyons Brown Bridge to cross Floyds Fork and tie in with the Black Willow trail on the other side. You can find our guide to the Black Willow Trail here –

We hope you enjoy the guide, and even more, we hope you enjoy the trail. Leave your impressions in the comments section below!

Directions to the trailhead:
1. Take exit 27 on the Gene Snyder, and head east on U.S. 60/Shelbyville Road
2. Follow Shelbyville Road 0.8 miles until you reach Beckley Station Road
3. Turn right onto Beckley Station Road
4. Take Beckley Station Road 1.6 miles until you come to the entrance of Beckley Creek Park.
5. Turn left into Beckley Creek Park, then make a quick right and go to the first intersection. At the intersection, make a right and go over the Thornton Bridge, which takes you over Floyds Fork.
6. Continue past the Humana Grand Allee and soccer fields until you come to the Sara & W.L. Lyons Brown Bridge. Cross the bridge and continue to the Distillery Bend trailhead parking, which is about a half-mile past the bridge on your left.

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  • This is our last stop in Beckley Creek Park. Next week, we'll start a two-video series on Pope Lick Park. We hope you like this video and have a chance to get out and enjoy this pretty trail. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Steven – thanks for watching, and thanks for the feedback. I've struggled with how to best represent these short trails, and hearing from you helps us strategize future videos. Check back next Friday and see what you think about our first Pope Lick Park video.

  • nice video of a nice trail. that's also a great place to start a paddling adventure. just to give some constructive criticism, I'd like to hear more talking and nature sounds and less and softer music.

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