Beginner Guide to Going 4×4 – First Time on a Trail

Hey everyone! I wanted to make a video for anyone that is thinking about going out to offroad for the first time. You may be thinking about going out and using 4wd and have never been out before and this guide will answer some of the beginner questions so that you have a great time on the trail and are as prepared as possible.

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  • Only off roading I’ve done so far is beach driving. I carry a board to put under my jack. Great for jacking on sand or in dirt. Keeps it from sinking in.

  • Thanks for your video. Please tell us How to use Front wheels drive suv for off road

  • What a great video – I have watched a few of these, this one had some very excellent suggestions I had not heard before. Also (and this is not a small thing IMHO) the presentation was very good as well. Too many vids out there with people talking too fast, including a bunch of extraneous clips that have nothing to do with the supposed topic of the video, having bad audio or poor quality video, or even having loud and distracting music blasting through the presentation. This suffered from none of those issues, just like standing in your garage while you give an extensive data dump on how to prepare for wheeling, with all your experience and expertise. I really enjoyed it.

    I am going to pick up a new Cherokee KL Trailhawk in the next few days. I am not looking to do crazy rock crawling (especially when I first have it) and don't plan to do much if any modifications to it so nothing super serious anyway, but I'm a scenic photographer so plan to get to some nice views with it. I am also a ham radio op so I will do a permanent install of at least a VHF rig in it too. But best resource for me is a former coworker who has let me be a passenger in his older Wrangler sport on some serious rides here in CO. I will be leaning on him for input on the trail if we go anywhere.

    Anyway, this was awesome, thanks for posting!


  • Excellent tips and comments. Thanks!

  • Great video…I’m putting rock sliders on my LX470…already have A/T tires and roof rack…what vehicle accessory would you recommend adding (i.e., bumper—front/back? snorkel? Other?). I’m a newbie. Thanks again for your suggestions.

  • I need a video on the do’s and dont’s with lockers.

  • Also good to have a tire repair kit.

  • Very helpful information. 🙏🙏🙏👍

  • Great video, thanks for all the information, it will really help 👍

  • My new Rubicon got shipped from the factory yesterday. I can’t wait to take it out for the first time!! I already had purchased a few of the things you mentioned, but thanks for all of the ideas!! BTW: What’s a “skinny pedal”?

  • Shovel, a couple of good flashlights, take cell phone so you can take pictures. Mosquito repellent, windshield cleaner, paper towels. Garbage bag, pack it in, pack it out. Very good did job, one of the better I've seen for new off-roaders.

  • Great tips Casey, I’m really looking forward to doing some trails this summer, thanks for sharing! 👍

  • Read all comments: Mountain Money & Bone Saw have me two more steps closer to the trail!
    Thank you for the excellent video!

  • This is great advice and good details on everything.

  • I would add safety gloves in recovery kit.

  • Thanks man nice video. You brought up a lot of things I never thought about.

  • The factory jack isn't much good on a lifted jeep much over 3 inches.

  • I have bought for sure, you’d say a pistol

  • My tip is to empty your wallet, bank account, max your credit cards and that will get you started. LOL

  • So I’m thinking about getting into off roading and the advice in this was great and I learned a lot, but I need it dumbed down even further for complete noobs.

    Since I’ve never been off roading before I couldn’t justify to myself spending 50-65k on a new rubicon or 25-30k+ for used based on a hobby I’ve never done. I needed an everyday car as well so I bought a renegade trailhawk so that I could have a good every day car and have what I thought could be an introductory off road vehicle since I’ve seen videos of the renegade trailhawks doing some impressive stuff for its size and what you get. But all the videos I’m looking up for beginners are acting like I purchased a high end wrangler and am ready to dive right into it.

    I want to know how to get started as a complete noob. What kind of trails should I be looking for? What kind of obstacles should I avoid til I have more experience? When should I switch from 4H to 4L or keep it in auto? What kind of terrain calls for each of those? When to use the auto descent. What does locking mean and when to use it? Things like that and any other driving/technique tips. Maybe advice for sand vs mud vs water. Or just start with mountain trails? Are the all terrain tires that came with it good enough? Or should I look for better off-road tires?

    Maybe after a couple years of experience I’d consider upgrading to a wrangler, but for now talk to me like I’m 8 years old. Any advice?

    I wish I could go with people to help me learn, but I’m not mixed into any communities or have friends that are into off roading so I don’t really know who to ask these questions besides the internet.

  • Thank you so much!!!! I wish you lived in Portland so I could just hide in your vehicle and learn everything 😂

  • You mentioned food but not water. In a desert environment a gallon per person per day is recommended. Also a full sized shovel is an essential item.

  • Hi, just curious, I am looking at getting a 2010-2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I have had manual transmission 4x trucks and cars before as well as automatic. What is he trend for off-roading in jeeps? Do people prefer auto or manual trannies? Advantages and disadvantages to either when it comes to offload.

  • What’s the differences between these?

  • As a hiker, if nature calls, you will need "Mountain Money" and a trowel (Bigger shovel works too). Maybe some ziplock bags in case you need to "pack it out". [Mountain Money = Toilet Paper].
    Also, extra water along with that lunch.

  • don't have a winch but do have a quality come along. I'm bad usually out on my own usually hunting . With the come along I can pull myself forwards or backwards ya takes longer have to reset it multiple times depending on where I'm stuck. I just bought a stock JK 3 years old. Need a new bumper, front and rear not a fan of the stock hooks for recovery.

  • Thank you, is the basic wrangler ok for off roading?

  • Question why are jeep and yoda guys so off Standish

  • Definitely brought up some things I hadn't thought of.

  • So I imagine all these tips work for trucks too? I recently bought a Ram 1500 and hope to start 4×4 with it.

  • Just getting started going off road and this is very helpful. Many thanks!

  • Yes! Always bring someone with you. Who else is going to be the engineer of shovels and recovery? It's best to give them a fancy and impressive sounding title to make their back breaking labor that much less frustrating.

  • White people fun so complicated 😅in my country we get in a truck with a bunch of guys and go through the Sierra

  • Excellent video. One of the better first time of road videos out there-

  • I want you to please show me how to use my 1st jeep in a beginners mud trail how to lo4. Hi4 or just 2hi
    Just a beginners eazy mud trail

  • What about tire/wheel combos? I have 35/12.5/17 on my stock jeep Gladiator wheels that are i believe are only 7.5 inches wide. will that be a problem on the trail to have that wide of a tire on that narrow of a wheel?

  • Well done, and seeming a really good overview for people heading out.
    Myself, I’m 74 and began going out in my parents Jeep Station Wagon myself if I recall correctly, back in the late 50s. Well before that on the Central Oregon High Desert hunting deer, and exploring. Back in those hunting days all the parents had were stock Surplus Jeeps, most if I recall
    Correctly WWII surplus Jeeps. Lord wouldn’t I love to have one of these beauties now👍🏻 ! These were all four cylinder engines that were
    So easy to work on .Funny thing much later in my life our Tartan 30’ Sailboat had the same engine, needless to say I appreciated the many things learned Watching the elders working on the jeeps in the very rare times anything ever went wrong !
    Anyway, so here I am now once again after a very long time without a Jeep (still have our Toyota Forerunner) and now my 2016 Jk Wrangler
    2 door, slightly modified soft top but only to the extent to meet an old couples needs (I.e. 33s with 1 1/4” Spyder Spacers, lights, bumpers, wench etc.) interestingly though I’ve most of your list plus a few other items. The one thing forgotten however, back to the old days CB interest
    In Ham License pursuit.
    Also, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your video. You really lended a hand to this dirty old man giving me a lot to think about, and to get done before the times wheeling come again. I say come again because now there is a very serious medical battle keeping my energy and my focus that I have to beat before I can go wheeling again. Lord willin and the creek don’t rise, beat it I will 💁🏼‍♂️❗️
    Anyway, thank you for sharing👍🏻❗️

  • Excellent tips and video. Please subscribe back 🙂

  • I have take many a newb out. I have started and run more than one 4×4 club in my day. Your list is good, but for the first timer it is going to be over whelming to them. When I organize a run I only ask that they have recovery points and FRS/GMRS radio. I have CB, VHF and 3 FRS/GMRS hand held radios and I can loan them out. I have all the gear you listed except a winch. Maybe just take a few moments and start calculating the dollar value of all those things you listed, for the first timer it is a little over the top. It also depends where you are going, a rock garden on a rainy day is not a good first timer trail. The idea is to get the first timer out there and not trying to scare them off (sorry if this comes off with tone or attitude, that is not my intention, my intention is to have a conversation about breaking in the new people). I just followed you here and on Instagram. This account is my "new channel" most of my videos of me off roading are on my main account. All social media is BRBAdventurer look my up you will find me. Happy trails.

  • How do you pick a line when off roading?

  • Just came across you channel some how. Very informative and accurate. Very good presentation, good job, I will be getting notifications.

  • When using ur tow strap always pull the vehicle forward never ever pull a vehicle with ur vehicle in reverse. To many beginners make this mistake. It could be very costly for u.

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