🚨👇Gear I use on the Trail👇🚨
Osprey Atmos 65L AG:
Six Moons Designs Lunar Solo Tent:
NeoAir Xlite Pad (Long):
Nemo Disco 15:
Stanco Grease Pot:
BRS Gas Outdoor Camping Stove:
The North Face Down Jacket (700 Fill):
Buff Headwear:
Altra Lone Peak 4.0s (Men’s):

📸My Camera Gear:📸
Canon M50 Camera:
RavPower 20,100 mAh Power Bank:

Jeremiah shares 5 beginner mistakes to avoid when hiking and backpacking. The goal of this video is to make your life easier on trail.

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  • Beginner here. I would love an everything but the kitchen sink video.

  • Not bringing enough water

    I ran out second day and there were no refill spots at all

    I actually laid down in the side of the highway and waited 40 minutes for a car to stop and help me out.

  • Any recommendations on synthetic undies? Just realized all of my underwear is cotton haha. I don't need 100 boxers, but a nice option to check out would be much appreciated!

  • Cotton is a poor insulator when wet but is a pretty strong fiber actually. You likely wore holes through your socks because your boots were poorly fitted.

    Oh sorry, you're the expert…

  • I've never been haiking before. Sounds hard

  • Always bring a blow up doll not only do you not need to put up with your nagging partner but you could use it for compliant company then use it as a sleeping mat.

  • Bring a water filter. On hot and/or long hikes you may go through much more water than expected.

  • Definitely wearing a normal cotton hoodie on a backpacking trip and it rained the whole time

  • So I just went on my first hiking trip. It was a 25 mile 2 day hike I did bring a couple of thing that I could have done without, wore cotton, and denim jeans, which i can see why you want something that is breathable and moisture wicking. Did however get the right footwear that I knew I could were out there and be fine in, but I couldn't finish the trial in the 2 day time that I set for myself, becauseI physically couldn't do that. But I'm not going to let that goal go, I'm going to build up to it and try to tackle it again someday but for now I will start off doing 14 to 16 mile 2 day hikes and go from there good video by the way you pretty much hit the nail on the head lol.

  • I just went for a 20km walk on crack cocaine with no water, no phone and kilometers from anyone only stopping to smoke more crack, in crazy heat, for me anyway after this crazy cold winter, i’ve never felt my life truly being in danger during the last few kilometers which were completely out of any shade

  • Not a mistake but I use my older work boots hiking. They're worn in, sturdy and still have grip. 20kms at a time without blistering.

  • D C

    Thankfully I've watched a lot of videos and I can avoid or fix problems as they occur. Tying the tops of my shoes tighter saved my heel from shifting this morning.

  • D C

    number 2. unless that's a rain or med kit. then you still bring it. every time.

  • Can’t wear wool. Allergic to it. So what to wear?? Hmm!

  • I’ve been watching Mr. Ballen’s readings of Mike Polanski’s “Missing 411” book, which is just a big book of unsolved missing persons cases and unexpected disappearances. A lot of them take place in the forest/wilderness to workers, hikers, and campers. I don’t know why that peaked my interest about hiking and now I want to be a hiker but 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • My first hike away from home I had the shoe issue. I’d been wearing the hiking shoes on shorter hikes close to home to break them in. I had no issues. I get out on the trail, all the ups and downs and extra miles and my feet swelled up! Both big toes turned that lovely color we all know so well. I lost both big toe nails. So I size up in shoes now.

  • My advice; more water, less food.

  • When I was in the marines, we started a long ruck early in the morning, so I put in what I thought was a comfortable amount of warming layers. Less than an hour into stepping, I was overheating. Know your body. Practice with your gear. And drink water.

  • My mistake is seeing the route the girls have picked and doing research. Now I just figured out the first day will be 12 hour hike and 17 miles. No camping between mile 6 and mile 17 because a college owns part of the trail. Noticed it has two unreliable streams also so probably 7 to 8 pounds of water at the mile 6 mark to load up on. Nothing like realizing I need to get in better shape by June. Goals definitely. If needed I will tap out but hoping not.

  • I think it would be a blast to see what you took on your first trip.

  • Or just bring an extra pair of socks and dont get wet…

  • with the "everything but the kitchen sink" one, it's important to say that some things you won't use as frequently. for instance, an emergency shelter or certain parts of a first aid kit.

  • I'd say a mistake I've made is having expectations for how my fellow hikers would behave and then feeling really disappointed when they acted in a manner that I didn't like. I typically just hike with my husband and kids now, and I do a pretty good job of keeping an open mind about how they'll respond to a given hike, because I love them. If I went with people who I didn't know as well, I guess I'd still just try to approach the situation with compassion and an open mind. I'd take the experience for whatever it was destined to be and find something to appreciate.

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