Beginning Bushcraft Gear, Skills, Camping in the Woods

Beginning bushcraft. A look at bushcraft gear to get you started without costing a fortune, plus a discussion of the skills to work on leading up to your first overnight in the woods. In the video, I show some of the gear I used when I was first starting out learning bushcraft.


Gear I Use

Plash Palatka
Russian Special Forces Tent Hammock
Russian Special Forces Tent
Ratnik Shelter
-all from Russian Cold Camo

Aqua Quest 10×10 Defender Tarp
Polish Lavvu
French F1 Tent
Jerven Fjellduken Hunter (Norwegian Military multi-use item)

Old Hickory Butcher Knife (kephart mod)
Mora HD Carbon
Tops Tom Brown Tracker 1
Tops Fieldcraft

Silky Gomboy
Bucksaw (no name)

Outdoor Clothing-
Russian Gorka 3 (demi season)
Gorka 3 Fleece A-TACS camo (winter)
Gorka E Summer
Layer 5 Demi Season Suit
Russian Fur Suit (extreme cold weather)
-all from Russian Cold Camo

Swiss M70 Jacket
Swiss M70 Pants
-Swiss Alpenflage red dominant camo. Excellent fall camo

Wool Anorak
-self made from wool blankets and lined with fleece

Ferro Rod and Striker
Fire Plugs (7 minute burn time)
-from Bigfoot Bushcraft

Sleeping Gear:
Kelty Zero Degree Bag
USGI Field Bag
Wool Blankets
USGI Korean War Bivvy
Jerven Fjellduken Hunter

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  • Great vid. Recommended this from the Corporals Corner channel

  • Hi Jess I,m back . This is a great vid . Ya i packa set of augers small wood home made hand planes two chisels. I have a few vids to catch up on .Catch you later Thanks Jess

  • Came to this room by way of 'Corporal's Corner'

  • You should put Nature Is Real on a shirt. 😁 This was a great reminder of all you really need to have with you.

  • Well done Jess! Would like to see more of your advice on using the five! I'll be watching for them!

  • Well done sir: no acid head twanging guitar distracting music, no chain of four letter words, just comfortable easy paced quality instruction kept simple and focused.

  • Haven’t seen anything circulating I hope all is well in the ADKs bro 😎

  • Well done. Just found your channel and love it. You're humble spirited and keep things simple and inexpensive.

  • I appreciate your video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. – Tennessee Smoky

  • I enjoyed this video.. this was inspirational and lots of really good advice. Genuine. The part about your uncle and the camp trip struck me. Cool uncle for sure. Keep making videos this was wonderful

  • Agree with a lot you say but not the 10C's or at least not all of them.

  • 100% bad ass your a man getting after it. The it is life. We all use to hunt. Now we all consume. We all so lost. I would like to hike from Patagonia to Alaska. Hunt a Caribou and butcher it and eat it. Like real men did. I feel alone in the world. I want to live.

  • 1st watch of your vids,,, really well put together and helpful! Thanks

  • That bag is from Polish gas mask.

  • Some of the best gear i have is second hand ex army stuff,just got i lowe alpine systems 60l rucksack for less than forty quid…about 50 dollars…its brilliant!


  • I am just coming across your channel. Awesome job on your video. Your message came across clear and easy to understand.
    Keep up the great work, so many people need to hear this.

  • I got a companion HD carbon MG wich i don't use cause i love best my old companion. Mora knives are the way to go, excelente quality at affordable price.

  • Nice to see the lighter! [ Amazon has a 3-pack of Bics for $2,37! If rain is expected, or danger of dropping your lighter in water, carry them in Zip-lock bags – greatest invention ever!] 4:00 Tinder – I was taught that a pencil sharpener is indispensable – unlimited supply of very fine shavings for plentiful small sticks. However, to make fire-making a lot more certain and less stressful, I was taught a really useful technique a candle! But a special one – take a candle and shave off a few millimetres from two opposing sides, thus creating a flatter candle. We were taught at Scouts to take a wooden school ruler and break/cut it in half, 6" each. Then place the candle between them and bind it up with a longish length of tough twine (bank line?). This protects the fragile candle from breaking. In dire emergency you could use the ruler for kindling, and replace it before the next outing. This gives you fire in a sustainable way that won't go out easily, and takes some stress out of getting your campfire going. 4:50 One thing I'm missing. You speak about cooking, but I see no container in which to do this? Nice video, and quite inspirational.

  • Great video bro.. I see many videos, but most of them, the amount of money they invest is incredible and it seems absurd to me, that's why I liked your video, simple and without spending a fortune. Greetings from Tijuana, Mexico

  • Very good, no nonsense basic kit and skill set! If I were to improve it the one thing I can think of, readily would be a candle…a 3 inch stubby…kept with the bic lighter solves a few problems.

  • I loved your video. I just started getting in to bushcraft and was wanting to ask where are the best areas to go bugging out and bushcrafting?

  • Okay, the Five C's 1. Cover 2. Cordage 3. Combustion 4. Container 5. Cutting. Now here are two that most people do not think of. 6. Cloths, dress for the weather, including shoes. 7. Calories, no one ever talks about carrying any type of food. Which I think is a mistake. Any ways, just my two cents worth, from an old Boy Scout. Nature is great and beautiful, and all that, but can kick your ass if your not prepared for any thing and every thing that could go wrong.

  • Training. Tools will bring little use, if you don't spend time getting to know them. But if you have practice, it will be a blast.

  • Stick with it mate great vids

  • Love the polish satchel. Use the same one for vitals and triage supplies to compliment my IFAK.

  • Jess, this is an amazing video for beginning Bushcraft. Your clear explaination of the basics, the C's of survivability, how you found your way to Bushcraft, and how you evolved in it. Thanks for your input. Great job 👍😁🌟🍺 cheers mate!

  • Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the video keep on coming I really appreciate you inspiring me to get out to the woods And work on my Skills.

  • Hey! Quick question, how do you carry the wool blanket? Do you just hold it or does it go somewhere?

  • Hey Jess, I know this has been out a while but I just got to it. Very nice video my friend! This was well done and some really good advice was given for those just getting started. Keep up the good work and be safe brother.

  • Refreshingly real & to the point. Everything stems from the Basics. You can always grow your kit till you have more than you can carry. But why? Do I really need a garage full of stuff?

  • The bic lighter can be attached to a small zip tie to prevent fuel leakage. Then it can be connected vertically to a chapstick roll with about a foot of paracord wrapped in duct, gorilla or gaffers tape. A spare cotton ball soaked in petroleum jelly, can be placed in the cap. The empty bic can be useful even when empty, the plastic can be shaven for tinder, the wheel when rolled but not sparked can make a firestarter for the shaved plastic, when used that child safety device can then be removed with leatherman pliers can also be made into a improvised fishing hook and sharpened. If carefully removed, the two springs underneath the sparking wheel and the fuel cable button, can be bent into fishing hooks and a snare.

  • Great video thanks for sharing

  • Absolutely great information provided here. This guy has put together a very practical kit that simplifies the basic haversack kit without an overload in weight. Very well explained. Thanks! – Tennessee Smoky

  • Brilliant explanation. Thanks.

  • What about 10cc.? 🎶. 🎼. 😀
    I think it’s got a lot to do with both childhood experiences, and some people’s need to feel in control, and challenged. I just love being in the woods, and I’m pretty sure it has a ton to do with all those hundreds of fishing trips with my dad up north.

  • no nonsenses kit I have similar items , good job nice video.

  • Спасибо приятель! Интересно смотреть твои видео обзоры. А на твоём канале много интересной информации!

  • Great video! Great advice!

  • Nature is where it’s at…. even though I live in the Big Apple 🤦‍♂️

  • Yoy always are inspiring bro.

  • Would have enjoyed having you on back when we were still doing the radio shows. Just talking philosophy, experiences or any particular topics you wanted.

    I really enjoy your videos, especially the ones where nature and your actions around camp are the “dialogue”

    For me, the best motivation is always how it recharges your batteries. Even just crunching around in the fallen leaves in the fall for an hour or so. It is just a reconnection to how we are supposed to live.

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