BEST APPS for HIKING and BACKPACKING // My 10 Favorite Outdoor Apps for iPhone and Android

My 10 Favorite Outdoor Apps are among the best apps for hiking and backpacking. All of these apps support Android and iPhone (IOS) and are free. The list include the best navigation apps, great apps for trip planning, and several educational and augmented reality apps to enhance your outdoor experience.

My Favorite Apps for Hiking and Backpacking:
– AccuWeather
– Hiking Project
– AllTrails
– Gaia GPS
– onX Hunt
– Avenza Maps
– Seek
– Geocaching
– Sky Walk 2
– Peak Finder


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  • There are so many useful apps out there. These are some of my favorite hiking apps for iPhone and Android. If you have a cool app, leave a comment. Look for future deep dives into Gaia GPS. One app that did not make this list is going to get it's own video, stay tuned. Remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.

  • Thank you so much for all the info on the tools available. Just started hiking and good to know what's available

  • Aan

    Good suggestions. A bro tip: keep the teleprompter below the lens so you won't have to look away from the camera.

  • Spyglass is a great navigation tool that has an augmented reality feature that superimposes a compass with your waypoints

  • Loved how this video is made 👏 😎. I have been doing kinda similar content and maybe you should check me out. I'm kinda sure you'll find see a lot of useful info on this topic on my channel too.

  • iNaturalist is another great app like Seek. It allows your photos to be included in studies as well as allow for identification of species when Seek doesn't know or give you a generic answer.
    Also AlpineQuest is my favorite app for planning and recording hikes. Sadly, it's android only. Gaia is a close second and my recommendation for my iOS friends

  • I've been using Endomondo for years every time I hike. I love that it maps me as I go. That has saved me a couple of times when I got turned around! Sadly, it is being retired on December 31st. I'm so bummed. Are you familiar with it? What app would be most like it? They suggest Map My Run, but I don't like it. Ugh!

  • Thanks, as always, for some good information. I had not heard of Seek, and look forward to trying that out, especially with my kids.

  • Good tips. Nice touch with the OC logo TShirt. HUGE fan of Gaiagps. Love the snap to trail feature to quickly show distance and elevation profile. Airplane mode and current trail info in priceless. Just have to remember to cache map of intended area before lose cell data.

  • BaseMap is also a good one. My favorite.

  • When I was hiking in Switzerland my partner had the PeakFinder app though I didn't know what it was at the time. Just found out and purchased. Also picked up the GPS app as a backup to my Garmin. I was surprised to see a trail that I created 6 years ago on the GPS!

  • Just dloaded Seek as a replacement to Plant Snap. I didn’t like it much. Besides Star Walk 2, I also have Star Tracker Lite. Hard to pick which one I like more. Used both while in Iceland (Feb 2019) while stargazing. I’ll have to check out your Accuweather recommendation. I’ve been using Weather Underground and really like it. Thanks for the video Mike

  • Some cool apps ! I have a few of them already but I just added peak finder, star walk and seek. Can’t wait to try them! Thanks Mike

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