BEST Camera Gear for Hiking and Backpacking (2021)

-Pedco Ultrapod:
-Cell phone adapter:
-Leofoto DC-12:
-Oben CTT-1000L:
-PD Capture Clip:
-PolarPro Traverse:
-Litra Torch 2.0:
-Deity D4 Duo:
-Samsung EVO SD card:
-Nitecore NB10000:
-Anker Multi USB cable:
-PolarPro Defender:
-Spider Rain Cover:
-GoPro Hero9:
-Insta360 OneR:
-DJI Mavic Mini:
-DJI Mini 2:
-Sony ZV-1:
-Canon M50:
-Sony a6100:
-Sony a6400:
-Sony a6600:
-Sony A7C:
-Sigma 16mm:
-Sony 20mm Pancake:
-Sony 16mm Pancake:
-Tamron 28-200mm:
-Tamron 17-70mm:

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0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Tripods
4:25 – Camera clips
7:10 – Light
8:10 – Microphone
10:00 – Favorite SD cards
11:00 – Charging gear
11:50 – Lens protection
13:00 – Rain protection
14:25 – Cell phone
15:15 – Action cams
17:05 – Drones
19:45 – Point-and-shoot cameras
21:00 – Entry-level cameras
22:05 – Mid-range cameras
23:05 – Full frame camera
23:50 – Kit lenses
24:50 – Wide angle lenses
25:45 – Zoom lenses


A full list of my favorite backpacking gear:

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  • that center column is going to be hard with heavy lens. My manfrotto shook like a mf for almost 7 seconds after pressing shutter

  • Spider Holster – SpiderMonkey Rain Cover – Belt Accessory Clip with Waterproof Cover to Protect Your Gear from The Elements!

  • Olympus offers a far better micro for thirds range of cameras at lower cost…

  • Thank you I appreciate the insight

  • Hey Paul, I've been working on the idea of starting trekking, hiking and camping again.
    Am 40 now and one thing that brought me back to missing the outdoors again was this crazy lock downs.
    For years i felt disconnected with the outdoors because as a chef, i was always busy and convinced that i didn't have time to get on the trail again.
    Now, i started to do it again and the love for the outdoors come back and in force lol.
    Being a chef as been my biggest passion in life, with that said, i found myself getting really excited and interested in photography and video.
    I know a lot about cooking, not much about photography or video lol.
    My question to you is, if you can help me on this.
    In your opinion, what is the best bang for buck camera i can get to get start on photography and to start filming my small adventures.
    Sorry for the size of the comment πŸ˜… but is a lot and am genuinely confused with the photography and video world.
    Keep up the amazing work and God bless

  • Re: memory cards – I hate those MicroSD adapters with a vengeance. For me (!) they introduce a bunch of completely unnecessary potential failure points. And I have been burned by that once and do not care for this repeating. So unless you have a specific requirement to have them interchangeable, I would not bother with the adapters. If I was to put together the equipment, I would always have dedicated (fullsize) memory cards specifically for my camera(s) and Micro cards for drones. But I realize that this might just be me being paranoid.

  • Thanks for the informative video. Reaffirmed many of my personal choices – after much trial and error. I've also settled on the A7C with Tamron 28-200mm combo for longer backpacking trips. Image quality is pretty decent for an all-in-one lens. But definitely switching to a A7C2 if Sony comes out with one with a better viewfinder.

  • Well done, I'd add my own preference for backpacking, my Olympus OMD EM-5 mkIII, very light and the lenses are much lighter than even Sony ASP-C lenses. After using most mirrorless brands Olympus has the best IBIS I've used. I also shoot with Sony, and unless you shoot in low light a lot, M4/3 works great. But if you have a Sony already they are fantastic cameras. Fujifilm, Panasonic also make reasonably light but excellent cameras. The newest Canon full-frame mirrorless cameras are getting great reviews and I plan to rent one when my local store has one available.

  • Awesome and thorough video. Really enjoyed it!

  • One of the best videos related to this topic I’ve seen in a long time. Good job aaaaand subbed! πŸ™‚

    BTW: Another great option for the Sony APS-C cams as an all-in-one-ish hiking lens could be the 18-135mm f3.5 – 5.6. Good image quality and AF, OSS and huge zoom range for a compact lens with only 325g of weight.

  • If you hike in the rain with a DSLR mounted on a capture clip, a dollar store shower cap works surprisingly well as a mini pack cover for your camera. It fully covers my 24-70 with hood and covers about 90% of my 70-200 with hood reversed. 1.5 oz

  • new favorite channel, thank you for sharing your knowledge my man!

  • What do you recommend for a daypack for carrying camera gear and any tips on how to store and use a camera on hikes?

  • your videos are so helpful! thank you 😊

  • just found your channel – quality video! How do you safely store your gear in your pack while hiking, besides the capture clip? Seems to be a disconnect between the camera backpack community and the hiking/backpacking community!

  • Thank you! It was either going to be Pedco or York trekking poles for camera management. You've clarified my choices and bonus! you got me out of the Rhodes-only-game-in-town trapπŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I use the Sony 18-135 zoom as my all around travel lens. I've also got the sigma 16mm f1.4 for those trips with planned night shots. For tripods I also have the ultrapod and I've got the peak design carbon tripod. I carry all my camera gear (minus the tripod) in the DCF fanny pack from hyperlite mountain gear.

  • Loads of useful info. Thanks

  • I keep coming back to this video while trying to make my accessory decisions. Great content and a ton of information! Thank you!

  • Mirrorless cannon cameras have adapters to be used for fitting ef or ef-s lenses to m lense camera mounts.

  • This is an EXCELLENT video! Thank you very much for doing it. I got back into photography over the last several years, and have done enough of the roadside picture taking…and want to start "back" into some day hike photography, your gear recommendations were excellent. Again, thank you for taking the time to do this video.

  • I like to watch your videos. You have a good voice and explanation without any hang-up like ahs and ehms great flo w of speech. Is it still worth to carry a point and shoot camera in addition to a cell phone??

  • I have the a6600 which has the stabilization. But there just aren't any good all-in-one hiker lenses that don't weigh a pound. The kit lense is a decent option but for wildlife 50mm just isn't enough to sneak in without scaring off wildlife. We need a lightweight 16-105mm or similar. I have an A-mount 18-135 that's pretty fair but it's also heavy and with an adapter, more heavy. Great content in this one, nicely done.

  • How do you pack the camera into your bag? other than the defender cap, do you have any other kind of padded protection? or is it mostly just hanging from your neck as you hike?

  • Thanks for all the information. So helpful for a newly into photography backpacker like me.

  • Awesome video man! The quality put into these videos is immaculate!

  • Second video I watch from you, this is really good content!!

  • Great video! Really enjoyed the wealth of accessory info.

  • Great video! So, how do you pack all your camera gear safely in your back pack?

  • You should check out the new Insta360 One X2. I think you'd love it! I recently converted my entire thru-hiking setup to an insta360 with a lav mic and am in love! Cheers! Great video!

  • is the sony a7iii 24-105 to heavy?

  • so happy to find your channel . I should hide my wallet haha. Sub

  • DUDE!! …AGAIN!! This is the third video of yours id wish I'd seen a while back. I couldn't find any good videos on trail tripods so i did one… it wasn't well recieved. I've not been happy with the Rode mic either. Definitely gonna check out the Deity! Great video and super helpful! I'm still a cell phone user only on trail so I'll come back again when I'm ready for an upgrade!

  • This was an AWESOME video! Thanks for sharing all the gear.

  • Great video, love the content!

    I carry an aoka 28 inch CF tripod (similar to the Oben, only cheaper) and a RX100 series camera, mavic mini (the mavic mini 2 is negated by it'scontroller), gopro hero 9.

    Does the job and left my a7riv at home. Picked up a bunch of your recommendations. Thanks!

  • Mel

    In NZ on bushwalks you usually have to get DOC (gov Dep of Conservation) and Iwi (local indigenous groups) as well as local council approval, as well as paying admin fees, to fly a drone over native forest or else you get a hefty fine.
    The reason for that is irresponsible and inexperienced drone fliers previously crashing their drones into trees, and the nests of endangered birds.
    They also flied too close to native wildlife to get good photos, freaking birds out and permanently scaring them away from nests so the chicks/eggs die, in some cases they even crashed into flying birds and caused bird injuries/death directly.
    Essentially idiots ruined it for everyone and you can only get approval if you are willing to set up the paperwork and admin months in advance of travelling and getting footage, which for most people except documentary makers, isn't worth it.
    I'm not against the rules since they help prevent idiots from killing wildlife. It just sucks that people were so idiotic that those rules are required in the first place.

  • D B

    New subber, the algorithm does its work! Haha, great work, well done. Not a videographer but your other videos have been great. Keep it coming!

  • Perfect timing!!! Literally debating tripod merits when this popped up.

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