Best cameras for the trail – Hiking and backpacking cameras

In this video we share with you the best cameras for the trail. Joining us today, our friends:

* Taylor from Southern Hikes
* Diane from recreation outside Las Vegas
* KhIzer from KhIzer Syed
* Trekking Pals

We are Trekking Pals Habiba and Alex, amateur hikers and backpackers and we create video content every Tuesday. In this channel, we share our adventures with you as well as resources, tips and guides to help you plan for your next adventure. Join us on our journey as we explore the world one trail at a time!

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Cameras mentioned In this video:
* Smartphone cameras
* Smartphone gimbal:
* Moments lens:
* Sony a 6300 (Our current Sony camera) :
* Sony a 7 iii:
* Go Pro hero 7 Black:
* Go Pro hero 8 black:
* Go Pro hero 9 black:
* Insta 360 One R:
* Review of the Insta 360 One R:

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