Best Dog Hiking Gear (Under $15 on Amazon)

Best Dog Hiking Gear (Under $15 on Amazon) // Planning to take your dog hiking? Do you love hiking with dogs? In this video, I talk about the best dog hiking gear on Amazon for under $15.

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1. Collapsable Water Bowl ($5.89 for two)
2. Treats for Hiking (these are freeze dried raw – so good for your pup)
3. Boots $14.99
4. Jackets (Really depends on your style, but I like ones that double as a harness)

5. Hands Free Leash (Ruffwear version is 29.95)
Budget version I found from TuffMutt (I have not tried this one)
OR just buy a carabiner and clip it to your backpack
6. 900 poop bags and a dispenser for $14.71 (budget material…AKA they’re thin lol)
Higher quality and earth friendly poop bags:

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