Best NEW backpacking gear 2021

Waymark EVLV 35L pack-

Nemo Switchback (Sleeping Pad)-

Titanium alcohol stove-

Hydrapak 2L water bag-

Paria outdoor products tarp-

TOAKS 550 mL pot-

0:00 intro
0:35 Backpacking alcohol stove
1:25 Toaks titanium 550 mL pot
2:28 nylofume pack liner
2:42 Hydrapak seeker 2L water bag
3:42 nuun electrolyte tablets
4:15 Sanctuary Sil tarp (paria outdoor products)
5:14 Nemo switchback sleeping pad
5:50 Tarptent double rainbow li
6:40 BRS 3000 titanium stove
7:19 WAYMARK EVLV 35L backpack

Trying out new backpacking gear is one of the best parts of this hobby! I’m really excited to share my new backpacking gear 2021 with you. The new backpacking gear that I have obtained for this new year is Waymark EVLV 35L backpack, Nemo switchback pad, tarptent double rainbow li, hydrapak 2 L water bag, Toaks 550 mL titanium pot, BRS 3000 titanium stove, santuary sil tarp, lixida titanium alcohol stove and a nylofume pack liner. I’m really excited to try out this new ultralight backpacking gear and share it with you. I hope you enjoy the video.ultralight backping. backpacking gear loadout.backpacking gear. best new backpacking gear. new backpacking gear 2021. 2021. backpacking gear list. ul backpacking. hiking gear.

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