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This is Randall Rawhide Wurst,
I thought I’d give you a brief back ground on me so when you watch the videos of me, you’ll know I’m not just some “Yahoo off the street.” I was raised on a horse & hay ranch. My family has been big game outfitting since 1921. My Grandfather’s tribe put its young boys through an 8 day & 9 nights survival challenge, to signify transitioning from a child to manhood. My younger brother and I had to experience this form of torture. Right out of high school Jimmy Bro and I became firemen. I went to Northern Arizona University and got BS degree in Law Enforcement. All the male members of my family were Cops. After college I bought a one-way ticket to Europe and worked my way around the world for a year. I came home to Wyoming and became a Deputy Sherriff. At age 30 I came into the military, first as a Ranger, then as a Green Beret. I basically was back and forth in combat zones conducting SF missions since the first Gulf War for 20 years. While in the military I was sent to survival schools all over the world, I grew up in survival wilderness world, so it made sense for the military to take advantage of my survival knowledge I grew up using and sending me to the different survival schools. I wrote 10 classified manuals for Special Force for a three-year period. I came back home to 5th Special Forces at Fort Campbell and worked in the Force Modernization & Integration Office for three years, and then I retired in 2012. I linked up with Rockcastle Shooting Center and started my two schools at Rockcastle; “The Wurst Case Scenario Survival School”, & the ROCHEADS, “The Rockcastle Hostile Environment Defense School”. I served with Karl Erickson as a Brother Warrior at 5th Special Forces Group. There are no better Warriors on this planet then those Warriors from 5th Special Forces Group, you may not like it, but it’s a fact!!
Now there is a quick down and dirty version of my life and career.
There are numerous types of weapons a person can pick to outfit them selves for survival or just out and about in the woods. I chose the ones in the video because there are the most reliable and dependable in a wilderness situation. Calibers & choice of weapons will vary depending on three things: One, how familiar/experienced you are with the weapon you choose; Two, weight verses amount of ammunition you want to carry; Three, the environment you are going in to, the caliber and weapon must be able to do the job you will need it for in that environment. Everyone has their opinions, they’re like elbows, everyone has a couple of them! I have had challenges to my life since I was 5 years old, I’m now 66 years old. I’ve earned a boat load of T-Shirts in the near-death survival mode from Mother Nature and in Combat!
Here is my philosophy of life: Always be prepared for a potential survive or life threating situation at all times; weather it is an accident, or a wild anima,l or even another human.
In the Austrian/Italian Alps, they found a 5,000 year of human frozen in the ice. Why do I bring this up? Well it’s pretty simple… If this 5,000-year-old guy carried, at all times, the tools he needed to survive on his person, in his environment way back then… then no one in this day and age has any excuse to be unprepared to survive a life threating situation from nature or man. Our commanders, when we would brief them on a mission we just completed, would not allow any excuses. I’m no different. I don’t want to listen to excuses; just “Cowboy the Hell Up” and stay prepared!
Strength & Honor
Randall Rawhide Wurst
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  • Man the guys in these comments need to READ the title. This guy isn't suiting up to go door breaching all direct action snatch and grab. These are wilderness guns. Shit you carry with you when you're not doing gun shit, a gun might just be required. Crack on this guy all you want. I bet he has done 10x more real life work than 90% of you commentators. He was raised on a ranch, guns were a part of his life. They weren't HIS LIFE, like all you guys down here busting nuts to pictures of guns on the internet. Sheesh. Lighten the fuck up. Everyone that knocks these combos don't have the basic marksmanship to make them work.

  • It's difficult to choose a survival weapon. I have many firearms. if it was the end of the world and I could only have 1 gun I would want my sks. That being said I live in Kentucky and biggest animal I'd take would be a deer or black bear. I've shot rabbit setting still at 60 yrds as well.

  • I’m new to defense in the woods, however I have total confidence in a lot of these heavy hitting guns against bears. Nice choices

  • Keep seeing all these people with their list of firearms for situations. 1 Your situation is not the same as anyone else, 2 situational awareness at all times can prevent you from having to get in a gun fight. 3 Location, Location, Location if your largest caliber will not bring down your largest threat, you got the wrong gear. 4 TRAINING dumbass, if you are not fully familiar with your equipment you will FAIL !! 5 and most IMPORTANTLY no one is a pure Badass, the situation will determine that and you are trying to SURVIVE the situation.

  • He rates a 22mag higer than a 44 magnum. Wtf?

  • This guy is full of barn yard fertilizer. Best survival weapon is .22LR rifle, with fine iron sights, additional scope would not hurt. Next is center fire rifle capable of taking the big game where you live, again fine iron sight and additional scope. Hand guns most people cannot shoot very well so that is pretty weak solution. Shot guns are versatile but ammo is very heavy and bulky.

  • 38 special also works ok on small game as well. Doesn't destroy all the meat like a 357.

  • Having the ability to take a bird saves you so much work.

  • “I’m just gonna point to the weapons here.”
    First thing he points at is his mustache LOL! Open carry mustache

  • Very good ideas, Thank you very much

  • What I can't digest is putting a light on a scoped 22 magnum bolt action rifle 🤔😲would someone explain it to me please

  • I wish you'd of included video of you shooting 410s in your 45/70 and them cycling in the rifle?

  • I truly appreciate that you pointed out the different areas I'm in Montana and I have my wife carry a 20ga. Loaded with sabot slugs for bear. But we both carry for mountain lion and 22lr for snakes

  • Single or double barrel 12 GA. Slugs, buck shot, & bird shot. Great for any occasion…

  • I’d love to see someone shoot an elk or mountain lion with a .22! 😂 Don’t think so.

  • It would make a good horror movie to take these guns out in the wilderness with you because of how small the bullets are. Maybe set in the 1800s or 1900s.
    But this is also 2019, Half of the calibers he listed out aren't even in stock for bulk.
    So i'll stick to the 12 guage, 10mm glock, 5.7 p90 or five seven, 22 semi auto pistol or 10/22 or ar15 or keltec survival seems good too.

    When it comes to bears you either gonna hit the head or shoot him and wait for them to bleed out while on top of you biting you.
    Small game, honestly those bird shot pistol rounds tend to be kinda gimmicky but i'll take a few of it in a readily available caliber if you say so.
    Personally rimfire and revolvers don't inspire confidence. A lot 22 rimfire is prone to moisture too.

  • Just use any fudd gun in 30.06 and you're gucci

  • Please may I ask you a question. I’m an airgun nut. My good woman and I review them on old YouTube , Solware tv. Do you think a good Air rifle can be a good tool to help you survive in the wild. You can carry a massive amount of amo to feed it and just a pocket of parts will keep one going for years.

  • I would not trust a .22 magnum to kill a wolf lol

  • m79 – Whatever was in that bush its not there anymore, along with the bush.

  • He needs his meds adjusting. They're affecting his speech.

  • Leave the 410 for the children to use. So many better choices available for adults. Don't use a 410 in your Marlin or Henry 45/70. When you fudge it up, how you gonna explain it to factory for warranty? Judge and Governor, solution in search of a problem.

  • May I reintroduce the .303 british. From the empty shell i can load all .32 caliber bullets to include .32 long and short. 7.62×39 and 52, all 308 sized bullets. All I do id break down the components and use 303 brass and correct primer. Failed to say .32 call ball from black powder. Half loads for quiet small game kills even.

  • I like the sling shot arrow set up, I have a pesky skunk around our house and I think that would work great, the neighbors would be upset if they heard gun shots.

  • great channel 👍 and nice videos

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