Broad Run Park Trail Guide: The Riparian Ramble

The Riparian Ramble Trail is a 1.2 mile end-to-end hiking trail located in Louisville’s Broad Run Park.

We recommend parking at the Lowland Plain Trailhead parking lot, which is .92 miles from the main entrance of the park. Take the Louisville Loop south to the trailhead, which is .55 miles. If the Lowland Plain Trailhead lot is full continue another tenth of a mile to the Cliffside Playground lot.

The trail follows the bank of Floyds Fork as it travels north, with the creek to the right and a large meadow with hundreds of freshly planted trees to your right. You’ll be reminded of the Seaton Valley Trail, in Turkey Run Park. This is a flat, pleasant trail, protected by some beautiful hardwood treeds, with a couple of places to get off the trail and explore nice sandbars along the edge of Floyds Fork.

The trail ends north of the Cliffside Playground, with a few options for getting back to the Lowland Plain Trailhead lot. The course we took, which runs to the east of the playground on the paved sidewalk, was .46 miles.

In the video, we clock the total distance at 2.1 miles, but it’s actually 2.21 in the configuration described above.

We hope you enjoy the guide, and even more, we hope you enjoy the trail. Leave your impressions in the comments section below!

Directions to the trailhead:
1. To get to the trailhead, we took the Gene Snyder Freeway to exit 17, Bardstown Road (Highway 150)
2. Head south towards Mt. Washington and Bardstown for 4.2 miles.
3. The Broad Run Park entrance is on the left, and you’ll take the park service road .92 miles to the Lowland Plain Trailhead parking lot, which will be on your left.
4. From the parking lot, take the Louisville Loop approximately .55 miles to the trailhead.
5. When finished, use the paved trails surrounding the Cliffside Playground to get back to the Lowland Plain Trailhead lot.

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For more information on the Parklands of Floyds Fork and Beckley Creek Park, click the link below.

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  • Love the videos! Keep up the great work. Only channel I’ve seen on youtube that covers the parklands like this. Truly a beautiful park and love to be able to watch your videos when i cant get out and hike them sometimes. hope to see more videos like this coming!

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