Broken Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk | BFG KO2 & Red Cone Trail Failure

Our Bad day Jeeping and how we broke a Jeep Cherokee KL Trailhawk on Colorado’s Red Cone Trail. We take you on the trail with us and let you experience the day as it unfolded including two BFG KO2 failures. And yes, we actually broke the Cherokee, but we learn that after earlier setbacks. It was a long day. A full trail guide will be coming later. Will Sean come back and try again?

Time Stamps:
00:00 Our day wasn’t bad… at first
00:55 On the Trail… this is gonna be awesome
2:10 BFG KO2 fails!
4:51 This rock shouldn’t be a concern
6:35 Was this the wrong call?!
7:38 Red Cone Trail is beautiful
9:15 We get some BAD news
10:35 Our new plan
11:25 We actually broke the Cherokee, but how the heck?

Channel Info:
My name is Dewie Jones and I’m the reluctant host, videographer, and video editor for the channel. I’ve daily driven a wrangler my entire driving life starting with a 1997 TJ, most recently a ten year old 2012 JK, and now new 2021 JL. I like the challenge of driving a stock wrangler on tough trails. My buds are not new to wheeling either, but for their own specific reasons, now wheel aggressive SUV based off-roaders like Cherokees, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, VW Touregs, and Renegades. We decided Colorado Mallcrawlers was a funny name so that’s how we got here. We film our trail runs letting whatever happens, happen and then later make the video an accurate trail guide with comments on how to do it better than us.

For trail planning, I use the Funtreks Books (amazon search: Funtreks books). I have the current editions of the Colorado books, Arizona, California, and Moab. I finish up my trail planning with TrailsOffroad as they can sometimes have more detail as well as user submitted current conditions feedback. I use GAIA GPS with TrailsOffroad waypoints on UConnect currently. one (although I’m not paying attention to it on filming days). Here’s my video that tells you how I find trails.

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  • 2/3 of us were running ~those tires~ when we ran this trail. 0/3 of us are running them now.

  • You have to run E load tires on rocky trails, any other's you're risking a failure.

  • 4 years of ko2s on 2 different off road vehicles never had any issues like this ever. Been a great tire all around I wonder if your tires were part of a bad batch or had issues before you took to the trail

  • I never had a BFG all terrain fail on me. Then again, I run 15 inch wheels, so that might be a factor. Would love to run some trails with you, just need to make 83 not stock lol.

  • That's bizarre because when I worked at a pipeline company in west texas and hotshot driver on/off road for equipment the bfg ko2s were the only ones that didn't blow out or have so much as a flat on me. I've literally tried every brands all terrain and mud terrain because they never lasted 2 months. Eventually landed on the bfg. They were just the toughest. Never had to worry about blowouts or flats which happened bad on the toyo and Cooper tires especially

  • I ran the pre-KO2 generation BFG T/As up Redcone, Wheeler Lake, Hacket Gulch, T33a, etc. Tons of rocky trails and never once had a sidewall issue (even when a rock folded it in on Wheeler). That's a disappointment to see they've gone down hill.

    Also, I think that same unassuming rock took out the TFL guys too.

  • Lol. Now my 9th video of yours. I’m happy for this.

  • That looks like the same spot that tfl busted 2 tires on their Land rover. About 7 months ago

  • Man I can not believe you took that fiat 500 out there. Seems like a purpose built rig would be more ideal.

  • What do you expect from a 4×4 Fiat

  • Are you the burger King foot lettuce guy?

  • This is what makes adventures and great stories to tell. Glad everyone stayed safe.

  • He needs the bolt on clamp setup that reinforces the tie rods. They make them for the Broncos. Worth a look anyway. 👍🏻

  • CD

    I have seen that Jeep when I did run red cone that time and always wondered what happened! Thanks for sharing. By the way my KO2s did just fine on Red Cone!

  • Next time we’ll be more than glad to join got another 5th gen ready to go 🤝

  • I have a 2017 Kia Sportage 2.0. Diesel AWD…….any good for this work?

  • After seeing someone else snap a tie rod and get stuck on the trail, I also keep a spare tie rod under my rear bench seat of my truck, NGL. Pretty cheap insurance. I thought about tie rod sleeves, but don't want to transfer that force to something else like the steering rack. If something happens to exert that much force, I'd rather the tie rod break. That really sucks man.

  • I'm totally not blaming the driver here, but ANY tire can fail if it gets hit in the sidewall just right by a shark-toothed rock. It doesn't matter how many plies a tire has, rock is always going to win over rubber if you hit it just right. The same thing happens mountain biking. Even the beefiest of heavy downhill tires can rip a sidewall when you're pushing hard in sharp rocks. That's why you can never truly get complacent, even on beginner trails. You always have to look out for those pointy rocks, and especially ones on the side of the trail. It happens to the best of us though. Sometimes it's just bad luck, or we're in the zone just cruising along and miss an obstacle. Just the other day I couldn't see over my hood and missed seeing a boulder on the side of an innocent section of trail. I hit it so hard I knocked my alignment off by a lot. I had to get an alignment after. I don't run KO2s, but I wouldn't necessarily blame the tire. There are so many factors that come into play, like air pressure, vehicle weight, speed, angle, where the impact is, etc. Mud tires don't inherently have thicker sidewalls with more plies than E-rated AT tires, but some do. Some have more aggressive armoring on the sidewall, but some ATs do as well. That doesn't matter if you impact it in the center of the sidewall though. That being said, there are certainly off-road tires with paper thin sidewalls, but usually not in E rated tires. I think if anything it should just be a lesson for us all to always be on guard and look out for pointy rocks. 🙂 Time to add a patch kit to the vehicles.

  • I have a tundra 🙂 I would love to join these trail guide videos. located in the Denver area, let me know if you need another Toyota guy on the crew. Its a work in progress but it would be cool to see a full size rig on a lot of these trails just to understand what vehicles can fit.

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